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How Many Boxes Will I Need To Move

If you are not sure on How Many Boxes Will I Need To Move

We are here to help you If you are not sure on “How Many Boxes Will I Need To Move”. We have a range of Moving Packs from a 1-2 bedroom unit to a 7+ Bedroom House. With using this and our moving tips as a guide. It will help you in choosing what you need. When it comes to how many moving boxes you will need to move.

The first thing when it come to packing and moving is deciding on how many boxes to order. Then get a quote. So how many moving boxes will I need to move It is so hard to tell. As we all know that every home is different. We all pack differently. Some people have a 2-3 Bedroom home with kids and some don’t. Some people have a lot of items. Where some people live with just the essentials in life.

Contact BOX EM UP if you have any questions at all and not sure where to begin.

Depending on where you are located as to what moving and packing material you can have access to. It’s free call to ring the local removal company and get an idea if you are not sure. If you are in Brisbane. We at BOX EM UP who supply Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies. Have moving packs to help you get started. You can use this as a guide if you are not sure. You may find you need more boxes. We also offer a full refund on what you don’t use and buy back your boxes at the end of the move. As there is no hire fees. So you can take as long as you need.

This is our suggestion on how many boxes you may need. Remember if varies for home to home. The boxes come in a range of sizes depending on where you are located. The dimensions are Length x Width x Height and in millimeters . Also take in consideration other packing supplies you will need. Like Bubble Wrap, Portable Robes for your clothing. Picture Boxes

How Many Boxes do I need to move

Remember this is just a guide. As some people may have more or less then you. Click on the header of each pack to see the full list of Moving Packs or click on Products and Prices for our full range of Products

Unit 1-2 Bedroom

10 x Large Tea Chest Boxes 430x400x600mm

15 Medium Boxes 400x300x430mm

3-5kg Butcher Paper

2 x Tape

House 1-2 Bedroom

13-15 Large Tea Chest Boxes 430x400x600mm

25 Medium Boxes 400x300x430mm

5-10 kg Butchers Paper

3 x Packing Tape

House 3-4 Bedroom

20 x Large Tea Chest Boxes 430x400x600mm

45 x Medium Boxes 400x300x430mm

10-15 kg of Butchers Paper

4 x Packing Tape

House 5-7 Bedroom

35 x Large Tea Chest Boxes 430x400x600mm

70 x Medium Boxes 400x300x430mm

18-25kg Butchers Paper

6 x Packing Tape

How Big Is Your Move

If you are doing a big move. We recommend you get the following items it will make the whole process of packing so much easier for you and your family.

Medium Crystal Boxes ( Twin Wall Boxes for your Kitchen and Fragile items)

Tape Gun

Good quality Packing tape.

Make sure the tape is strong and will stick well to the boxes

Bubble Wrap for other fragile items like crystal

Get good quality moving boxes or even strong boxes you pick up from work. If you don’t have access to moving boxes. Don’t use fruit and vegetable boxes. Or boxes with a strong odor. As this will be transferred on to your items. Could entice pest and insects especially if your items will be in storage.

Ask for help if you are getting overwhelmed by the packing as its can be a huge process. Even if you just get a profession to pack your kitchen.

If we can assist you at all . Please Contact Roxann Coffey At BOX EM UP

I will be more then happy to assist you where I can.

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