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Moving Tip-Moving with kids



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As you know moving is stressful enough. Here are some great Tips Moving with kids. It can be even more stressful on the children. Especially moving away from friends , family and their normal environment. Here are some ways you could try to help ease the stress of moving. This is just a guide only. No one knows your kids better then you. I hope this help in someway.


  • Keep the lines of communication open as much as you can. Tell your children about the move asap. You don’t want them to over hear you talking about it . Or have someone else tell them.


  • If you are moving overseas. Check with your DR as to immunization or anything else you need to do and know about the country you are moving to. Your child might need these a few months before the move.


  • Depending on the age of your child . Include them as much as you can in the move and decisions you need to make. Show them the house if you can . Take them for a drive to have a look around . Or if you are moving too far away . Show them a picture of the new house. Try to get them excited about it. Have a calendar and mark off the number of sleeps if they are not too worried about it. Get Them to draw about their new home what they would like in the back yard. You don’t need to promise them everything that they want. It will just help them to adjust and give them ideas and maybe you to.


  • Talk to them as to why you are moving. Be as honest as your can, without all the stress . Kids are smart and know whats is going on anyway. This will help calm and fears and anxiety they may have. Be ready for it if they wet the bed . Or maybe little habits they may pick up to help them cope with the change. They may not like it and you could see extra tantrums but be patient with them. Once they have settled into their new environment . They should go back to their normal selves.

Encourage your kids to get excited about the new adventure and what lies ahead for them like. New things to explore in their new home

  •  Encourage your kids on how they would like their new room to be. Maybe a new color or curtains that they can pick out. Try to get them involved with it . Or how they may want their room set up. You can get them to draw a plan of the set out for their room.


  • You may want to get some plain paper. Could be the butchers paper you have for packing. Or just some A4 sheets. They can use that to draw on or paint. You then can stick these on the the Moving Boxes-Packing Boxes  they have for their room. That will give them something to do while you are packing.


  • If you are moving interstate or overseas. Or even a few suburbs away and you have access to the internet . Google the new area. Search for Parks , Play centers or anything that your child is interested in . Maybe a local swimming pool or library.


  •  Have a party for them to give them the opportunity to say good bye to their friends if need be. Have a book so your child can get the address and phone numbers of all their friends . So they can write or call and stay in touch with each other.


  •  Sit down with your kids from time to time and see how they are going. As once you start packing they may get a little uneasy . Just reassure them that everything will be fine. If they wont talk to you give them a book so they can write down how they feel . They could write say 10 reason why they don’t want to move and 10 good points on moving and talk about it. Give them a lot of love and support.

Keep the line of communication open as much as you can

  •  Get them to help you pack their own Moving Boxes-Packing Boxes where its safe. Give them 2 empty boxes. One to fill with toys and stuff they want to take. With the other box. See if they are willing to give some away to a charity or even a friend who may like it to remember them by. Try to keep them busy if they are at home with you so they don’t get under your feet. As they go through their toys . They will get distracted . Just let them be and keep encouraging them to pack up without getting upset with them. They may surprise you with what they give away.


  •  Keep a few of their favorite toys out to play with. In the car or on the plane. When you move. Maybe get some coloring books. Music as well. Keep these near by . Maybe in a box or a bag so they are ease to find when you need them. Also have plenty of food and water.


  • If you are moving local get a family member or friend to look after them if you can. This will help you do what you need to do and keep them from getting under your feet. Even if they stay overnight. Pack a overnight bag for them with their favorite toys and what ever else they may need.


  • If they need to stay with you . Have plenty of food and entertainment for them. Even a few jobs to do if they are old enough . They could count the boxes etc. Try to keep them busy as much as you can . Ask them how they are going from time to time.


  • If you have a long way to travel. Give them a pen and paper to write to their friends about the trip . Give them little games to play and snacks to have along the way. You might want to take their pillow as well.


  •  Talk to them as much as you can. Try to keep them calm about the move . Let them voice their feelings . They are only human and most humans don’t cope well with change.


  •  If you find it hard with your kids. Talk to someone about it. Either a family member , Friend . School teacher or councilor . Just try and do the best you can. If need be spend a little extra quality time with them. Sometimes that’s all it take. Sit down with your kids from time to time and see how they are going. As once you start packing they may get a little uneasy . Just reassure them that everything will be fine. If they wont talk to you give them a book so they can write down how they feel . They could write say 10 reason why they don’t want to move and 10 good points on moving and talk about it. Give them a lot of love and support.


  •  When starting at a new school. Try to visit the school before they start. Walk around the new school if needed and introduce them to the teachers and principal if you can. Show them where the class room, library , toilets etc are. As no one likes to be lost on their first day.


  •  If they played a sport or did an activity before you moved . Get them enrolled asap in the new location . This will help make new friends and settle into their new lifestyle.


  •  As hard as it can be . Keep their routine as much as possible. Don’t worry if you cant. Once you settle in they will return to their normal routine.


  •  The first night in the new house. Make it exciting for them. Set up camp in the lounge room. You will all be tired so everyone will probable get a early night anyway. Go out for dinner to their favorite place or get them to pick dinner.


  •  Get you kids to help unpack. Maybe they can do their room . During a break take them for a little walk around the area. Maybe meet the neighbours or visit the local park.


  • From time to time they may find it a little hard . If after a few months they are not coping. Call a friend or family member. See your local Doctor or maybe a teacher or Guidance councilor at school.


  •  You can always keep a few of your Cardboard Boxes-Moving Boxes at then end of your move for the kids to play in while you are unpacking the Removal Boxes 


  •  If I have missed anything or you have something you may like to add that would help others please send me a e-mail . I will look at it and add if it appropriate





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This is just a guide in giving you some tips on moving. Every Child and Adult and move is different.
Thank you for your time and Happy Moving.


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