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Packing Boxes for Sale Brisbane- For your Moving Packing and Storage Supplies

Our Reliable Packing Boxes Will Make Moving Easier

Thank you for visiting BOX EM UP – PACKING BOXES FOR SALE BRISBANE|  for all your Moving Boxes Brisbane Packing Boxes, Storage Boxes Brisbane Cardboard Boxes

Brisbane Moving Storage and Packing Supplies. We are open 6 days and also offer an after hours service if you need it.  

 WOMO Service Award

Moving can be costly and stressful We at Box Em Up-Packing Boxes For Sale Brisbane are here to help with the cost and take some of the stress out of the packing and moving. With no pressure in buying to many Packing Boxes. There is no minimum buy and no hire fees. As you know its hard to judge what you need and how many boxes you need until you start the job and have and idea.

Every house is different and everyone packs differently. So we have made it a little easier on you and your family. You can use our recommended packages or buy what you think you need to start off with. As the sooner you start the easier it will be later down the track. We offer a full credit on the items you don’t use (conditions apply to this) We also offer a after hours service if you require it. With pick up (by appointment only please) or delivery available. Contact us for all your Moving, Packing and Storage Supplies Brisbane.

  • Archive Boxes (Strong Storage Boxes)
  • Extra Strong Large Moving Boxes (Tea Chest Packing Boxes)
  • Standard large Packing Boxes
  • Book and Wine Medium Packing Boxes
  • Crystal and Fragile Item Packing Boxes
  • TV Boxes / Plasma Small to Extra Large
  • Large Twin Wall Picture Boxes
  • Portable Robes Packing Boxes
  • Void Fill Large Bags and Small Bags (New Line )
  • Packing Tape
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Packing Carton Knives
  • Zip Bag Storage Carry Bag
  • Storage Vacuum Seal Bag Large & Small
  • Mattress Protections Bags King to Single Size


  • Butchers Paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Picture Boxes / Mirror Carton
  • Identification Labels
  • Fragile Labels
  • Marker Pen
  • Removal Blanket – Wrap Pad Black Trim ( Moving Blanket)
  • Enviro Wrap. International Wrap Furniture Cover
  • 3 Seat Couch Cover – Furniture Protection Cover
  • Lounge Chair 2 Pack – Furniture Protection Cover
  • Dining Chair 2 pack – Furniture Protection Cover
  • Shrink Wrap. Black and Clear


For the all prices on our Cardboard Boxes Brisbane – Packing Supplies Brisbane, contact Roxann Coffey now  or click on

Product and Price List. For all your Packing Boxes,  Moving Boxes | Storage Boxes | Cardboard Boxes Brisbane | Packing Supplies Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Payment by  Cash or Internet Bank Available.

Phone: 0411 676 626 Email:

Box Em Up, ABN 56 410 023 928


Get 10% off our TV LCD PLASMA and LARGE ART BOXES when you buy at least 5 other products.  ( The Cheapest TV / large art boxes available in Brisbane) Pick up only applies to discount

Buy a Tape Gun and Receive a Free Roll of Clear Packing Tape $12.95ea

Archive Storage Boxes Special Price $2.75 ea

Packing Tips

Void Fill. Help to  fill the spaces left  in your storage box. This will also help protect and cushion your items during transport.   Large and Small bags available
Void Fill Small Bag

Bundling Film plus Dispenser 100mm x 300m x 25um . Use this to bundle larger Items together like. Wood , poles , any loose items. Also around your chest of drawers or even around your boxes for add protection.

Bundling Film plus Dispenser 100mm x 300m x 25um .

Compare Our Prices And Save On New Boxes & Packing Items :

Book & Wine and Crystal Boxes Packing Boxes  $ 2.60ea.   Buy Back $0.50 ( Conditions Apply on buy back)

Extra Strong Large Moving Boxes ( Tea Chest)  $4.00 ea.   Buy Back $1.00 (Conditions Apply on buy back)

Plus many more Moving Packing and Storage Supplies. See our products and prices for full range.

We are open 7 days a week . Please see Trading Times for more Details on Hours Open and What Public Holidays we are Closed.

Box Em Up – Packing Boxes For Sale Brisbane. Handles all your Brisbane Removal Supplies needs, including:

Tips when Buying Moving Boxes Brisbane. Packing Boxes Brisbane.  Removalist Boxes Brisbane. Packing Items in Brisbane or anywhere.

Please make sure you buy good quality Packing Boxes and Packing Tape. This is most important. You might not think so when you are buying the boxes at the time and you may want to save. But are you really. You may think a box is a box what can happen during the move. Will you be covered buy insurance if anything should go wrong. Can you buy the items again that was damaged.

  1. Make sure you get  good quality Moving Boxes &  Packing Tape. This will prevent your Cardboard Boxes  falling apart and your items from fall out of the bottom and land at your feet and break and then you could trip over it. Help keep your Removal Boxes Sturdy by using good quality Packing Tape
  2. If the Moving Boxes are not strong enough chances are they will fall apart, either when you pick it up or in the truck.  Having good quality boxes will also save you money on Packing Tape as you won’t need as much to keep your box lid shut.
  3. With most Removal Companies or even when you are moving yourself you tend to stack the Moving Boxes. If these boxes are weak they will collapse with the weight.
  4. Using the proper Moving Boxes and Storage Boxes makes it easier to move if either carrying or using a trolley to move. Its also easier to stack the boxes in the truck and unload at the other end.
  5. If you are not using the correct Removal Boxes and something should break in the moving box. You may not be covered by insurance.
  6. Please check the quality of your Storage Boxes before you buy them from anywhere.
  7. Having good quality packing tape is just as important as having good quality Storage Boxes. Rubber base tape works well in all kind’s of weather and if traveling long distances

Pick up and Delivery Available. Pick Up is by Appointment Only Please

Address for pick up is:  383 Trouts Road Mcdowall. Just off Hamilton Road.

See right hand side of page for Google Maps and Direction . Or click on address above.

This is a home business with plenty of street parking or you are welcome to use the driveway.

We can deliver your moving boxes and packing items to you the same day you order them. Sometimes with in the hour. Depending on where you would like your order delivered and time. Please contact us for more details

QR SCAN: Scan for Smart Phones.  QR SCAN for Smart Phones

Come and Visit our Facebook Page :

Before your get your Removal Boxes in Brisbane from a Removalist . Compare our prices and save on your moving cost

We at Box Em Up – Packing Boxes for sale Brisbane  have a range of Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies for Brisbane and surrounding areas . We supply the  same Removal Boxes that you can get from a Removalist or  storage place at a cheaper rate then what you pay at most of these places. You can use the Cardboard Boxes as Storage Boxes if you items need to be placed in storage of a length of time. Or even if you need them for a quick  move . We have the right Cardboard Boxes for you . Also with the range of Packing Items you can get all you need in one place.  To save you more money and the environment we offer to buy your Packing Boxes-Moving  Boxes  back when you have finished . With the Cardboard Boxes being 100% recycled or environmentally friendly cardboard this is also great for the environment. We are here to help you save . So if we can do anything at all to help please let us know. Contact us for your Moving & Packing Supplies Brisbane

If you want to De clutter your home or Relocating your Business .  Moving, Renovations or just like to tidy up your home. With no minimum buy you can come and collect as many Packing Boxes – Storage Boxes as you need. We will also buy these boxes back off you when the job is finished. There is no time limit. This will save you time and money.

For your Brisbane Removal Supplies you can do it yourself and save on money. With our Recommended Business Links on the right side. Feel free to take a look at these great site . They are here for your convenience to help you save time and money. You might find some more great tips on their sites and save on your boxes for moving.

Check out our tip on Removalist Brisbane | Brisbane Moving Company Choose the right one


Packing Boxes – Moving Boxes Brisbane also service the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

Feel free to take a look around our website. Even if we don’t supply you with the Cardboard Boxes and Packing Items you may pick up a few handy tips along the way.

Special Orders

If there is a item you require and we do not stock it. We are more then happy to source it for you. Please be aware there is NO CREDIT given on special order if it is not a standard product we sell.  As we may not be able to return to the supplier without being charged extra or our supplier will not receive the items returned. We may find it hard to find another customer you would use the product. So therefor no credit will be given in this case.


TV Box LCD / Plasma Packing Boxes For Sale Brisbane We now have PLASMA  / LCD TV BOXES  AVAILABLE   NOW 

Please contact us for more details or see our Product and Prices

These Come With a TV BOX Twin Wall ( Double Cardboard)

4 to 6 Poly Styrene Inserts ( Depending on the size box you get)

Foam Screen Protection Covers

Zip Lock Bag for your remotes or screws etc.

This are also great for Large Pictures that might need extra protection.

Compare our Prices and Save on these great packs and protect your Plasma / LCD TV

Packing Items Brisbane by Post or Courier.

If you are local or interstate and still would like our Packing Items to help with your Moving needs. Mattress Protection Bags, Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser, Packing Tape, Labels , Zip Carry Storage Bags, Carton Knife, Tissue Paper , Butchers Paper, Marker Pen, Bubble Wrap, Removal Blankets or the clear plastic shoe boxes. We can send them by post or courier.  The cost of sending the Packing  items by post will be posted soon when I get fees ect for postage. In the mean time if you like to be sent some items by post . Please contact us  and will find out the cost of delivery. The items will be sent once I have received the payment. Should take no more then 3-5 days for you to receive your items depending on where you live.

If you would like more details on our moving supplies Brisbane please contact Roxann either by phone or e-mail . Would be glad to arrange something for you

Please call or txt Roxann Coffey on 0411676626 with any question you may have . Or you can e-mail on

To use this site for example to get the price list . Place your mouse over the heading ” Products & Prices” All the topics will come up highlighted underneath . Just go to the link that you require.

Or Products and Price List Link Here

Here is a great video overview to help you plan your packing:

.Video courtesy of

.While Uboxes are great for USA Packing Boxes –

Boxes For Moving Brisbane. For your Packing Supplies ring Roxann on 0411 676 626 now!

Brisbane Removals SuppliesMoving can be stressful anytime and we are here to help. Whether you are moving from a one bedroom unit or a 7 bedroom House, relocating a business. or simply putting things into storage, Box Em Up has your Cardboard Boxes in Brisbane removal and storage requirements covered.

You need good quality moving boxes. Not only to protect your items. Also the person who is picking up the moving boxes. The last thing you need is someone to pick up a box and have the bottom come out of it. This is why we supply good quality moving boxes and packing items. Also with insurance in case something would happen . You may not be covered if you don’t pack your items in a good quality Removal Box.

You can try our suggested order for various size dwellings, or determine your own packing needs.  All our Brisbane Packing Supplies are new, but we do offer used packing products at discounted rates subject to availability. Should you find that you need other items please ask and we will do our best to help.

Our suggested Brisbane Packing Supplies Packages are just a guide.  Should you find you need more boxes and packing items, we will deliver one top up order for free.  Should you need a third delivery, we will have to charge a delivery fee (from $25.00, depending on where you live). Of course, can pick up your removal boxes, by prior appointment.

(For a top up order on Cardboard Boxes or Packing Supplies you at least have to order 10 Packing Boxes for delivery) Brisbane Metro only unless we have another order going out your way.

Packing boxes pick up Brisbane  Please give me a call to arrange an appointment just in case I am out on a delivery

You don’t want to make the boxes to heavy to lift for you or the people helping you move. So check the weight of your boxes before you seal the box. For your books use the BOOK & WINE BOXES.

Place the bigger and heavier one at the bottom of the box. Once you have packed it about half way. Check the weight. If its not to heavy fill it with lighter items to fill the carton. Other wise take some of the heavy books out and place in the next box.

Here is a video courtesy of U BOXES in helping you choose the right boxes for your move.

Why buy your Moving Boxes and Packing Items from Box Em UP.

1. Get all your Boxes for Moving and Packing Items in one place. No need to shop around. All are items are at competitive prices.

2. For your Moving Boxes and Packing Items . We wanted to keep our cost down to help people with their Moving Cost. They are good strong quality packing boxes. To help protect your belongings as you worked hard to get them in the first place. You wouldn’t want them damaged when you move if you can help it. It easier to pack the Removalist Truck with the same boxes the Removalist use.

3. If there is other Cardboard Boxes or Packing items  you need. For Example for your Plasma/LCD  TV Boxes, Bike Boxes, Larger Picture Frame and Mirror Boxes. Be more then happy to source them for you. Some of these items I can only get during weekdays. Need at least a few hours notice for Items we don’t stock . Depending on the time of day.

4.  I found when doing my research was that . Sure some companies  offer “free freight” but you end up paying for it in the cost of your Cardboard  Boxes and Packing Items. So I might charge a small amount for freight. You are more then welcome to save this by making an appointment to have your Items picked up or contact us and will see if we can cut the freight down for you .

5. We offer to buy your Packing Boxes- Moving Boxes back when you have finished your move . Moving can take a short time or it can take months. You may have all the good intentions on getting the unpacking done asap. Things happen in life and it might slow you up a little. You don’t have to worry about leaving a deposit with our Boxes. They are yours until I buy them back off you. Providing they are in good condition.

6. We also offer to buy what ever Moving Boxes – Packing Boxes your don’t use. If  you over estimated and have more boxes then you really need . We offer to buy them back off you at what you paid for them . Providing they have no tape or markings on them .

7. Boxes for Moving Brisbane. There is no minimum buy. So you can buy as many Cardboard Boxes and Packing Items  as you like and need. With no pressure to buy too much.

8. We are open 7 days a week and some public holidays. We will endeavor to get your order to you that day. If you require them asap. We can deliver outside normal business hours if need be at no extra cost if we can help it. Under some circumstances you may be charged a small fee. Please contact us for more details on your moving supplies Brisbane

9. You are welcome to bring your children along. Being parents ourselves we understand  what it is like with young children. We can have your moving boxes and packing supplies  ready for you to be picked up if your order in advance. Or take your time and we will help with the kids where we can.

10. We offer a after hours service in case you are working or have children and need to come when they are sleeping or being looked after by someone else.

If you buy a Package Deal or just too many Packing boxes . We will buy back any Moving Boxes-Packing Boxes you don’t end up using back.  We also offer a top up order with free delivery providing you order 10 or more Cardboard Boxes.  (Brisbane North Side Area- North Lakes – Redcliffe  and Deception Bay area only for free top up or pick up of unused boxes Contact us for more details  )

Any unused Moving Boxes-Packing Boxes will be brought back at the cost of what you paid for them when you first brought them. As long as they are not damaged in anyway. You are free to drop these off to us if you are outside the Brisbane North Area. Or you will be charged a small fee if need be depending on the size of your original order and how many Packing Boxes / Moving Boxes you have to be  pick them up. Please Contact us for more details.

Moving Boxes Brisbane Packing Boxes, Storage Boxes Brisbane Cardboard Boxes

Conditions apply if we buy back your  Second Hand Boxes.   Please call or e-mail for more details

Please note we will also Buy Back Your Used / Second Hand Packing Boxes – (Brisbane North Side Area- North Lakes – Redcliffe  and Deception Bay area only for free pick up of any used Cardboard boxes Contact us for more details  ) Unless you can drop them off  by prior appointment. Or next time we are in your area we can pick them up by arrangement. Providing the boxes are in good condition . Please cut the tape don’t rip it off.  Have the Cardboard Boxes flat pack for easy pick up please.

Please see Box Em Up Freight Cost-Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes Brisbane for more details on charges for delivery

 Top Tip for writing on your Moving Boxes – Packing Boxes . Write on the tape rather then the boxes themselves. Also cut the tape don’t rip it off . This will help when re selling your boxes either to  BOX EM UP or someone else. Make sure you check out our other Moving Tips – Packing Tips

Buy Back Price on your Packing Boxes – Moving Boxes Brisbane are as followed

Medium Packing Boxes & Crystal & Fragile Item Packing Boxes $ 0.50
Large Packing Box $ 0.70
Extra Strong Packing Box $ 1.00
Portable Robes Packing Box $ 5.00
Tape Dispenser $ 1.50

You must have a minimum of 20 packing boxes/moving boxes to be picked up for the buy back. Please either send an e-mail or phone with the details.

Make sure you cut the tape and have the boxes flat pack ready for pick up please.

If you don’t use all your packing boxes . If the boxes are not marked and are in the same condition as they were when you received them . We will give you a full credit. Other wise they will be classed as Second Hand Boxes and you will received the Buy Back Price. Also if there is a manufacture fault we will give you a full credit.

BOX EM UP. Packing Boxes for sale Brisbane 

Remember if there is any other Cardboard Boxes or Packing Items that you require please let us know and will do our best to source it for you .

On the right hand side of our page you will see Recommended Business  and Links to help you with your Move. Decluttering and Renovations. These websites operated by third parties. These third party websites do not form part of the BOX EM UP. They are not under the control of or the responsibility of BOX EM UP or its related entities. If you know of a small local business that you would recommend to someone else. Please let us know and will look into adding them to our site. ( we do not receive anything from these business apart from referrals from time to time) As we have recommended them to you.

 For all your Cardboard Boxes for Brisbane and surrounding area’s  . We supplies Moving Boxes and Packing Boxes, Storage Boxes and Packing  Items to these area’s . Please contact us if you are outside these area’s and will see if we can help you. If there is anything else we can help you with . Please contact us today.

Ring Roxann  on 0411 676 626 to discuss how many Brisbane Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes- Moving Boxes you are likely to need.

We have all your Moving Boxes Brisbane Packing Boxes, Storage Boxes Brisbane Cardboard Boxes

Have you got items you no longer need or use. Consider recycling. Use the link below to find a center near you.

Home Recycling Near You.


 Recycling Near you

The Information on this site offers local drop offs as well as other services provided by your local council. In helping to recycle your unwanted goods like. Batteries, computers, cartridges, printers, mobile phones, cardboard boxes and any other items that can be recycled. Call the Recycling Hotline for your local drop off on 1300 733 712  Hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST

Thank you for visiting BOX EM UP  Packing Boxes for Sale Brisbane| Moving Boxes Brisbane| Storage Boxes| Packing Supplies. Also can supply the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast.

We  have a Twitter Account . So if you are on Twitter please pop by and say hello.!/BOXEMUP


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