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Brisbane Relocation Supplies

Here are some tip from Brisbane Relocation Supplies to do before you start your move. There will be more under the Moving Tips and Packing Tips.

Packing and Moving can be daunting hard and, stressful on anyone. If you have not moved in sometime or have you never had to do it before on your own. From relocation of your business to moving out of your home that you have lived in for a number of year. Do you work full time and have a family. You find that you don’t have the time to pack or get your packing items. We at BOX EM UP like to help and support other small business. We highly recommend both these local services to help you. Both ANEW LIFESTYLE with Vivienne Lewis. De-clutter and Organize It with Donna Donaldson. Will be more then happy to assist you with what ever service you require. I know these woman now for quite a few years now. They work hard with a range of services to meet your need at a reasonable rate. As we like to support these business. If you choose to use their services and you order your boxes and packing items through them. We will give them a discount which they will pass on to you. If you mention that we recommended them, they will receive the discount on your Moving Packing and Storage Supplies. Click on their links above for their business as this will direct you to their website. Or you can contact us for more details on them and other business we recommend. Or you can find these on the right hand side of our website under Recommended Business.

Both Donna and Vivienne offer a range of services from

  • De-cluttering Services
  • Relocation for Seniors or People with a Disability
  • Packing Service
  • Unpacking Service

Anew Lifestyle with Vivienne Lewis also a Personal Concierge. She offer a range of other services for relocating. Please visit her website for more details.


Or if you would like to do it yourself here are some great tips to help you on your way for

Brisbane Relocation checklist-Packing Supplies-Relocation Supplies Tips

  • Write a list of what you would like to do and what you need to do . To help your move go smoothly
  • Decided on the move date. Set a goal to when you want to start packing and when you want or need to finish by
  • Check with the everyone involved from the Real Estate Agents from the house you are moving out of the the one you are moving into. Also anyone who is helping you move that day to make sure they are right with that day.
  • Also check with your current Real Estate Agent to see if there is anything else they need you to do before you move out . So you have a list of what needs to be done.
  • Get quotes on your move if you need a removalist or a container to move. Or even if you book a truck for the day.
  • Decide on how you are going to move your belongs. Do you need a Removalist . Can you do it yourself or do you need your items in Storage.
  • Check the weather guide for the moving date if you can . Also if moving a long distance what the weather will be like when you move . So you have a idea of what to keep out. Re clothing ect. Also do this a week before you move.
  • Make sure you are covered by insurance before you move. Check the insurance with the removalist or who ever you are moving with . Even if you are doing it yourself. You can check to see if you are covered by your home insurance. If not I recommend you get insurance. As it better to have it and nothing go wrong on the day. Then to not have it and items get broken or someone gets hurt helping you move.
  • If you are moving pets . Decide on how you are going to move them. If you get a professional to do it . You might need to contact them and the vet for any needles they may need prior to the move.
  • Find a vet close to your new home and get their details before you move . Just in case you need them if your animals become unwell during the move.
  • If moving overseas. Make sure your Passport and Visa and any vaccination you or your family may need are up to date.
  • Keep important documents together and try to have them with you rather then pack in a box. If you do put these in a moving box. do not mark the box with say documents or office papers etc. Make sure you keep a copy of these safe. Not just on your computer but give to a friend or relative. You can also e-mail them to yourself just in case something should happen during the move
  • Start to get your Packing Items. Moving Boxes , Packing Boxes. Or anything else you may need to start your Packing. Well in advance. This way you can do it in your own time and have plenty of time to arrange other thing that need doing. Maybe de-cluttering . Getting rid of the items you no longer need instead of packing them in a box and wasting space in the truck and having to deal with it at the other end.
  • Get quotes on your move if you need a Removalist or a Container to move. Or even if you book a Truck
  • If you are going to use a Removalist. Try and book them for as early in the morning as you can get. If you leave it to the afternoon. They maybe held up on other jobs they had earlier. This could set you back by hours. Same with trunk rentals . So book these well in advance.
  • Get your mail redirected either by Australia Post or contact everyone yourself with your new address.
  • Book a Cleaner or any Tradesman you need to clean and fix your house up before you move. Or give yourself plenty of time to clean yourself.
  • Cancel any services you use. Maybe you get a gardener in . Someone that cleans your pool or house. Or any other service you use.
  • While you are packing work out what you are going to take with you and what you will give away. Throw out. or maybe have a garage sale.
  • Check with everyone from time to time who is helping you move that they are right on the day.
  • Organize with your utilities the disconnection of your home and the reconnection of your new home. Direct Connect can do this all for you. Just click on the Direct Connect for their website.
  • If you have children that are moving to a new school. Make sure they are enrolled in the new school and try to visit the school before they start.
  • Pack a toiletries bag. Use miniatures shampoo, condition & soap packs to save space in your day bag. Also pack toothpaste, toothbrush & towels plus deodorant. Leave this somewhere that it is easy to find when you are in your new home. pack this with the clean linen if need be or in your car.
  • Make sure you have maximum protection sunscreen, maximum protection lip balm. If its a hot sunny day you don’t want to get sunburn in the process of moving.
  • Book any accommodation or transport you may need to get to your new home.
  • Once your house is packed up or just about finished. Check with the Real Estate to make sure the house you are moving out of is fine and you don’t need to do anything else.
  • Once you have moved check to see what day is garbage day. As you will need to know this for when you are unpacking and needing to get rid of any rubbish.
  • Change your locks on your new home asap. Including windows if your new house has locks on them. Just for your own safety and get the number for the local police station
  • Get to know your neighbors as soon as possible .
  • If you use a removalist and some of your items got damaged . Make sure you take photo’s and write everything down for insurance purposes.
  • Thanks you for taking the time to read Brisbane Moving Supplies-Packing Supplies-Relocation Tips


Here is a Video from Diggins & Rose Moving Systems. On How to Pack your Dining Room and Kitchen.

If there is anything you think that needs to be added to this. Please let me know. Hope this information helps. Brisbane Relocation checklist-Packing Supplies-Relocation Supplies Tips are just a guide as every house and every move is different. Thank you for your time. Happy Moving and enjoy your new home.

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Brisbane Relocation Supplies