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How To Save On Your Moving Cost.

How To Save On Your Moving Cost.

How To Save On Your Moving Cost.

Here are some tips on How To Save On your Moving Cost. These tips will help you saving time and money when moving.

If you are moving yourself Using a Removalist. Check out our tips and work out the best option for you and your family

Remember if you have any question. Please e-mail txt or phone. Will be more then happy to point you in the right direction

  • Find the best way for you to move. If that be with a Removalist . Or do it yourself or both. Get quotes from 3 different Removalist.
  • Sell any items. Or just give them away the items you don’t need in your new home. You could try a garage sale. Trading post. E-bay or just friends. Or even a charity. Put the money towards your moving cost. Or buying new items for your new home.
  • You can save money by packing the items yourself. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time in doing this . So you are not rushing around in the last few days getting things done.
  • If you do need to use a packing service. Try to pack as much as you can yourself as this will save you a lot of money in the end.
  • Move during the week and try for the middle of the month if you can. Shop around if you are going to hire the truck yourself. These are generally cheaper during the week rather then the weekend
  • Same if you are going to use a Removalist. Try to book this around 6-8 weeks before the move so you are more likely to get the date you need to move. Especially around the Easter and Christmas and School Holidays. You might need to book 12 weeks in advance.
  • Also get the quote in writing . If that be e-mail or written. Check the fine prints for any extra cost that can be added by the service that you are using.
  • You can also do both. Pack your smaller items in your car . Electrical goods. Personal Items. Packing Boxes that you can fit in your care. You can leave the larger items to the Removalist.
  • If using a Removalist . Make their job a lot easier. Make everything easy to access so it won’t take them too long to load up the truck or unload at the other end.
  • Don’t pack the boxes to heavy as this takes time to lift and carry. Have your fridge cleaned out . Get rid of any excess water.
  • Unplug any electrical appliances and tape the cord to the items.
  • If moving yourself. Give your friends plenty of time and warning if you want them to give you a hand.
  • If you are not moving too far away. Get your keys to your new home asap. If you are going that way at all. Load your car up with as much as your can and take it with you.

Hope this tips help you with saving you money with your move. If there is anything you think that needs to be added to this. Please let me know.

This is just a guide as every house and every move is different.

Thank you for your time and Happy Moving .

How to Pack a Container.   How to load a Shipping Container

Here is a short You Tube Video on how to pack a container. Here in Brisbane most Shipping Container Suppliers will have extra people you can hire to pack the container for you. Because all your heavy Electrical items need to be packed in first. You can have this done when they drop your container off. Make sure these items are easy to get to and ready to go. This will save you time and money and they will have your container loaded in no time at all. Once the heavy items are in you can load the rest yourself. Then have it ready to be picked up. Make sure you get a good lock for your container. Check their insurance to make sure you are covered for damages when you pack yourself.

Contact Gateway Containers for shipping containers if you are looking to buy a new or used container.

Video courtesy of suddath company & united the moving exports.

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