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Tips on Car Carriers-Moving your Home Car Boat Interstate

Here you can find some Tips on Car Carriers-Moving your Home Car Boat Interstate. Motorbike or even a Shipping Container.


Moving your Home, Car or Boat Interstate. Or even a Shipping Container with your household items in. Here are some tips on how to find the right Transport company for you and your family. below are some tips in helping you save time and money.


  • Shop around and take your time. Make sure you get the right people to do the job . Ask questions on cost and how they will move your car
  • Check the insurance make sure they are fully covered if anything should go wrong in transporting your car. Get a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • See if they do Open Car Carriers or Enclose Car Carriers
  • Open Car Carriers has a lot of risk involved . These trucks tend to carry more cars.
  • Your car is in the open therefore is at more risk of getting damaged in bad weather or vandals
  • Enclosed Car Carriers or Closed Car Carriers . Your vehicle will be locked in a secured carrier. Less likely to be damaged
  • It should not be affected by the weather and there are less cars involved in the move.
  • Take photos of your car or bike with the current date and time. keep a record of any damage to your car prior to your move.
  • Make sure you go through the vehicle inspection when your car is dropped off or picked up. Keep a copy of this with your photo’s
  • Check the paper work on price and date your vehicle is to arrive at the destination before you sign it.
  • Take note of how many km are on your car and get this written on your paper work.
  • Take into consideration that they do have to move your car on to the transportation they are using.
  • Most car carriers will not let you have items in your car. Due to insurance , Inspections & Quarantine Regulation.
  • Make sure you clean your car out and don’t leave and valuable items in there unless your have written permission. Should anything go wrong you are covered
  • Check all compartments and make sure you have left nothing behind that shouldn’t be there.
  • Once you have your car back. Go over it and report any damage. Don’t forget to check the odometer to make sure no one has been driving your car without your permission
  • Compare the price to say if you were driving from Brisbane to Adelaide.
  • Take into consideration the amount of time it will take you to get there. Ware and tare on your car as well as petrol and other expenses. Like food & accommodation
  • This might help in deciding on the best options.


If looking for a Transport Company to transport your car, boat or anything you need moved. Check out Truck It. Its easy to use and you can find the best deal at a budget you can afford.

I have used this site myself. I saved a lot of money for my customer in getting her items moved up to Gladstone and Cairns with a good transport company.

Or you can contact the following Business and see if they can help

Razors Crane Truck: Dale Beikoff  Email:  Call 0428 757 997

Recovery National: Michael Keleher Email: Call 0468 380 777

Make sure that you tell them that Roxann Coffey from BOX EM UP sent you.


I hope this information has helped in finding the right Tips on Car Carriers-Moving your Home Car Boat Interstate.

If you have any more tips . Please let us know . Would be happy to share them.

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Tips on Car Carriers-Moving your Home Car Boat Interstate