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Tips on Moving and Relocating with Teenagers


Tips on Moving and Relocating with Teenagers

Moving with teenagers

Make Moving Easier with teenage children

Moving with Teenager’s. Here you will find here some great Tips on Relcoation and Moving with Teenagers to help make the move a little easier on everyone.

This is just a guide as not all Teenage kids are the same. You know whats best for them in the end.


  • Tell them as soon as possible about the move and as much information as you can give them . Especially if you are moving a fair way away. This willl help then in the long run. They don’t like secrets so be as honest as you can. tell them why you are moving. Keep the line of communication open as much as you can . They will try all kinds of tactics as they might not want to move . Just be ready for them and listen to what they have to say.
  • Their reaction may or may not surprise you. Be ready as they may feel there whole world is coming to a end. They think they will lose their friends and lifestyle. Just have a open ear and listen to what they have to say. Remember you were a teenager once.
  • Before things get too busy . Invite their friends over for dinner or maybe a party. Buy them a diary if they don’t already have one . So they can write the details of their friends so they can stay in touch. Also write down how they are feeling . It helps get it off their chest.
  • Take time out . Maybe go out for a cake and just see how they are going. It will do you the world of good to have a break from packing as well
  • Get them to do some research on their new location. Maybe they like the skate parks. Ice skating. Any sports or anything else they may find interesting.
  • They may not like you packing up their room. Give them some Moving BoxesPacking Boxes and some packing Items to pack up their own rooms. Give them a bit of notice as it might take them awhile to do it. You can also give them a plastic bag so they can throw out any rubbish they may have. Give them a date as to when you would like it finished . Don’t force them .
  • Ask them if they have any suggestion on the move itself . Some teenagers like to help out . You might be surprise with what they come up with.
  • Give them a photo of their new room. They may like to paint it or work out their and how they want their items placed. Maybe pick new curtains. Let them feel part of the move and making decisions .
  • Sit down with them from time to time . Ask how they are going. You might not like what you hear but ask it anyway. This helps keep the lines open . While they maybe thinking its the end of their friendships . Just reassure them that isn’t the case. You can always invite their friends over for the weekend or school holiday’s . There is the internet. Phone calls . Letters . Try not to lose your temper . Just breath . They will come around.
  • If they really want to stay for a number of reason’s. Maybe they want to finish off the school year. Or even play in the finals of their sports. Its a big deal to some kids. Take the time out and chat to them . See if you can come to some kind of deal. Maybe they can stay with a trusted family member or friends. Ask them how they plan on paying for everything while they are there. Phone Bill, Food, Entertainment ect. They might go away and think about it then decide they will come with you.
  • If moving a long way away  and you have a bit of distance to travel. Make sure they have a few book to read . Music, games or what ever they are into to keep them from getting to bored on the travels .
  • Give them something to do from time to time in helping with the move. Keep them busy . If they are up to it . Talk about your new home . Things that they can do and get involved in. Maybe a youth group or sporting activity . Study or maybe they are in to the arts or a drama class. Find something that they like to do.
  • Before the big day . Give them plenty of time to say goodbye to their friends and family members if need be. Let them do it in their own way.
  • On the day of the move . Give them something are in charge of. Maybe making sure all the moving boxes-packing boxes and items get on the truck. Or everyone has plenty of food and water through out the day. Or even cleaning a area.
  • When you arrive. Work out your sleeping arrangements for the night. Don’t be in a rush to unpack . Do this in your own time. Make sure your children are right. If your teenager are older and you can trust them. Maybe they might like to go for a look around the new neighbourhood. While you get things sorted.  Or get them to help unpack the truck and they can do their own rooms.
  • Go with them to their new school before they start. Get them shown around so they won’t be lost on their first day.
  • If they did sports before or anything thing that they we involved in . Get them signed up asap. This will help with the transitions to the new place.
  • Remember to keep the lines of communication open. Check on them from time to time. You might find they are a little down . This all takes time for everyone . Just be patience with them. They will settle in when they are ready.


If I have missed anything or you might have something to add . Please feel free to let me know. The information could help someone else with the move. Hope you got something out of our blog on moving with teenagers


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This is just a guide in giving you some tips on moving. Every Child and Adult and move is different.
Thank you for your time and Happy Moving.


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