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Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Moving Pack 3 – 4 Bedroom Houses

These are our Recommended Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Moving Pack. Here is your Packing Supplies For Moving Brisbane 3 – 4 Bedroom Houses

Use our Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Moving Pack as a guide to give you an idea on what you might need for packing up your house. As every house is different and everyone packs differently.

If you buy a Package Deal. We will buy back any Packing boxes you don’t end up using . We also offer a top up order with free delivery providing you order 20 or more boxes. (Brisbane Metro – Pine Rivers Shire- Redcliffe  and Deception Bay area only  for delivery on top up orders and pick up on buy back ) Unless you can drop them off.

You can also change this order to suit your needs as you may not want the Portable Robe. Add whatever you like and choose between the Book and Wine Moving boxes or the Crystal packing Boxes. Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Moving Pack is a guide to get you started if you are not sure what you need.

Tips see our Packing your kitchen and our blog on other moving and packing tips.

For our Terms and Conditions on Buy Backs. 
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BOX EM UP Brisbane

Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Moving Pack

PACKAGE 3: House 3-4 Rooms Quantity Total Inc Gst
Extra Strong Packing Box 20  
Medium Packing Box. Book and Wine or Crystal Packing Boxes 45  
Portable Robe Packing Box 3  
Packing Tape Dispenser 1  
Packing Tape 48mmx75m 4  
Butchers Paper 5kg 2  
Bubble Wrap 5m x 50cm 3  
Knife 1  
Nikko Pen 1  
Label ‘Fragile’ 10 Pack 2  
  Total Price: $367.83
 Special Price (free Delivery Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe)

Buy Back Total Up To $54.50

With the Medium Boxes you get the following . You are welcome to change this if you like.40 x Book and Wine Boxes 406x298x431mm, 5 x Crystal Boxes 403x301x330mm, 3 x Crystal Boxes 500x350x300mm


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Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Packing Boxes For Brisbane 3 - 4 Bedroom Houses