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Normal trading Saturday the 5th of October.
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How many boxes do I need for moving


Moving Supplies Brisba

For current Price list and Products for BOX EM UP. See links below

Moving Boxes Brisbane and Packing Supplies . For all our  Moving Packing and Storage Supplies. To our Packages to use as a guide if you are not sure what you need. This will help you in deciding on how many boxes you may need. Not everyone has the same stuff. especially if you have kids or not. You also may find you that you need more boxes or you may need less. There is no pressure for you to buy what you don’t need. You are welcome to change the packs to suite your needs.

We buy back your boxes when you have finished unpacking with no time limit and no hire fees.



Click on the links below for our full range of Products to Moving Packs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

All Brisbane Packing Box Products and Prices

Packing Boxes For Brisbane 1 Bedroom Quick PackMoving Boxes Brisbane

Packing Boxes For Brisbane 1 – 2 Bedroom Units

Packing Boxes For Brisbane 1 – 2 Bedroom Houses

Packing Boxes For Brisbane 3 – 4 Bedroom Houses

Packing Boxes For Brisbane 5 – 7 Bedroom Houses

Conditions apply to the buy back. Contact us for more details or see      Terms and Conditions for Buy Back Boxes

The packages below are just a guide to help you chooses how many boxes you may need if you are unsure where to start. With every home being different and everyone will pack differently it is hard to judge how many boxes you may need. So you will not be stuck in the end and to help take the stress out of moving. We have made this as easy and stress free as we can for you in choosing what packing items you may need.

1. We offer a full credit on items you don’t use in the end.

This way you will not out of pocket for items you don’t use. You may find once you start packing. You need to change your order with the sizes of the boxes that you brought.  The only conditions we have on buy back

is that you brought the boxes from us to start with. That there is no writing or tape on the boxes. The packing items as still in their wrapper or the way you brought them.

2. We offer a after hours service if you need more boxes as soon as possible

Do you have the removal truck coming in the morning and found you ran out of boxes. Are you working and can not get your boxes during normal trading times. You are welcome to give us a call and will try to help where we can.

3. You are finished your move and unpacked. Return your boxes to us and we will give you some money back for your boxes

We offer to buy your boxes back off you when you have finished your unpacking. 

See Buy Back for more details on prices or our buy back. As long as they have no holes and in good condition we will buy back your boxes.


We can supply individual Packing Boxes for Sale in Brisbane. We also offer packages for you to choose from. The moving packs we have put together are for different size dwellings. If you are not sure where to start. This is just a guide to help take the stress out of moving. You may find you need more Moving Boxes and Packing items or less. So we have made this easy for you. You can come and get more removal boxes and packing items as needed. You can also have them delivered or  as needed.

The sooner you start you packing the better it is for you. This will save you having to race around the day the removal company comes to collect your item. Having been well prepared and pack will also save you money and your items being damaged while in transit. As you would have packed carefully when you are not in to much of a hurry to pack. You will save on moving cost by having everything ready for when the removal company arrives.

The moving packs we have. Use this as a guide. You may find you need more. Please let us know. Or you get a full refund on items you didn’t use. Once you start packing you will get and idea of how you are going.

We all know how stressful it is to pack and move. I suggest put on some good music. Turn it up and sing while you are packing. This will help make the job a lot easier.

If we can assist you with anything at all. Please feel free to let me know . Happy to help where we can or make some suggestions for you to help with the process of moving. Not only for you but also your family.




You can also contact Roxann by phone on 0411 676 626 or by email at, to discuss your needs for all your Moving Boxes Brisbane and Packing Supplies – Also make sure you check out our packing tips.