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Moving Supplies Brisba

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In helping keep everyone safe and following Government regulation. I have measure in place for our delivery and pick up services while I am still able to offer this service. With pickups. Please let me know what you are after before you arrive. So I can have this ready for you. If you are still not sure. I will work with you so you can still see the products and pay at a the safe distance of 1.5 – 2 meters. Payment can still be made by card or internet banking. Will still take cash if need be. For safety measure would prefer Card or Internet banking at this time. As for delivery. This is still available. Happy to leave your order at your door or in a safe place. Again payment can be made by Card or Internet Banking. Will still take cash. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else. Please take care and stay safe. Thanks you for your assistance.

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Moving and Packing Supplies Brisbane

Here is a the list of All our Products and Prices for your Moving and Packing Supplies Brisbane. All Prices Include GST. There is no minimum buy. Pick up and delivery is available

Open 6 days for all your Moving Packing and Storage Supplies Brisbane – Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. With and after hours service if required.

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Brisbane Packing Boxes , Moving Boxes Products – Prices List

Price List ( Total Includes GST)

Conditions Apply to Buy Back on your Boxes. Please read home page for terms and conditions.

Polystyrene Box 48 Lt Internal Dimensions 520 x 330 x278mm

Polystyrene boxes

$11.95 ea for 4+ $11.00 ea for 20 + $9.90ea

Great for transporting cold items. This is transport and Airline Approved.External Dimensions 575 x 385 x 325 mm Volume  0.0719 Cubic Meter’s

Internal Dimensions 520 x 330 x 278 mm Internal Volume 48lt

Packing boxes for sale Brisbane - Archive box

Archive Storage Boxes 380x300x250mm 

$3.30 ea For 1-39 or $3.18 for 40 + Includes delivery fee for Brisbane Metro

These are great for Paper work or any important papers or items you want to store. The lid and base is built into the box so it wont fall apart easy. The bottom won’t fall out as you pick it up.  These Archive Boxes are twin wall strong and durable  for stacking and storing your files or DVD and CD’s

Medium Packing Boxes. Book and Wine Moving Boxes 406x298x431mm

$ 2.60ea

Buy Back Boxes @ $0.50

CD’s, DVD’s, Videos, Records. Games, Books Kitchen items, Toys, Tools. Any unbreakable items. If Packing Bottle of Wine. Wrap them in Bubble Wrap or Butchers Paper and stand up right.

Crystal Packing Boxes – Moving Boxes Twin Wall 403mmx301mmx330mm $2.60 or 500x350x300mm $2.85

Crystal Packing Boxes – Moving Boxes 403mmx301mmx330mm

Medium Twin Wall Boxes 403x301x330mm $2.60

500x350x300mm $2.85

Buy Back Boxes $0.50 ea

Glassware items , Crystal and other fragile items. The extra strong double layer cardboard gives you that extra support for a moving and storage box

Large Packing Boxes, Tea Chest, Moving Boxes, Extra Strong, Twin Wall 431x406x596mm

$ 4.00 ea

Buy Back Boxes $1.00 ea

Heavy or bulky items. Pots and pans. Toys. Electrical equipment, Household Items. Extra support for your breakable Items. Plates, Glass ware. These are also good for shipping items overseas.

Cube Box Twin Wall 625x625x625mm

Cube Box 625x625x625mm Twin Wall Long Boxes 800x500x500mm Twin Wall Shipping Boxes

$11.00 Buy Back $3.00

This box is durable and strong with double cardboard wall. For all bulky items when moving local and overseas. Great for fragile items that need extra care like chandelier, lamps. Speakers other small furniture items. You can also use them for bedding items.

Cube Box 500x500x500mm Twin Wall

Cube Box500x500x500mm Twin Wall With adjustable height 500/400/300mm

$6.81ea Buy Back $2.50

This box is great when relocating overseas or just need your items stored in a bigger box. This box can be adjusted in height from 500/400/300 This double cardboard box will give you that added protection while your items are being moved and relocated. Or being stored over a period of time.


TV LCD PLASMA and LARGE ART BOXES You can buy these as a pack. With screen covers and inserts. Or as a box on its own ( The Cheapest TV / large art boxes available in Brisbane)

These cardboard boxes are made from the strongest cardboard available. Twin wall boxes with built in handle will make moving your tv or art work a lot easier. Protecting your items while in transit.

Small Plasma / LCD TV BOX $46.20 1000x160x700mm

1x LCD / Plasma TV BOX 4x Polystyrene Inserts. Screen Protection Cover 1xZip Lock Bag. 1 x Fragile Tape

Small-Medium Plasma / LCD TV BOX $55.00 1250x160x800mm

1x Plasma / LCD TV Box 4x Polystyrene Insert Screen Protection Cover 1x zip lock bag

Medium Plasma / LCD TV BOX $62.70 1400/1450x160x900mm

1x Plasma / LCD TV Box 6x Polystyrene Insert Screen Protection Cover 1x zip lock bag 1 x Fragile Tape

Large Plasma / LCD TV Box $82.50ea 1700x160x1100mm

1x LCD / Plasma TV BOX 6x Polystyrene Inserts Screen Protection Cover 1x Zip Lock Bag 1 x Fragile Tape

These boxes are made with the strongest grade twin wall 7mm thick extra strong cardboard. With the TV Boxes. Because the tv comes in all shape and sizes. Please allowed at least 5cm to 10cm from the height of your TV ( without the stand as the stand needs to be removed) for the polystyrene inserts.

You can buy these boxes just on their own. Small Cardboard Box 1000x160x700mm $27.50 ea Small-Medium Cardboard Box 1250x160x800mm $32.97ea Medium Cardboard Box 1400/1450x160x900mm $42.27ea Large Cardboard Box 1700x160x1100mm $45.10ea

Portable Robe Packing Boxes. Moving Boxes with handles 594x476x1099mm

$16.50ea Buy Back Boxes $5.00

Take your clothing out of the wardrobe with the hangers. Takes 20 to 30 Coat Hangers. Depending on what you are hanging. These can also be used to pack your pillow’s, blankets, sheets. Or any other bulky items. These boxes are twin wall with built in handles for easy moving

Picture Mirror Art Protection Corners
$0.70 ea

The Picture Mirror Art Corners can be used for the protection of any corners. From Art Work, Pictures, Mirrors, Bench tops, TV . To protect the corners from dents and chips

Picture Box /Mirror Carton 1040x75x775mm

Picture Mirror Box $4.62 Buy Back Boxes $0.70 ea

2 Piece Picture Box Telescopic Lid x 912x113x780, Base x900x101x780 Height Can Be adjusted  $7.00

The Boxes are made for Tv and Art / Picture Mirror Twin Wall Cardboard Boxes 7mm Thick. Great for protecting your fragile items while in transit

Small Twin Wall Cardboard Box 1000x160x700mm $27.50ea Small-Medium Twin Wall Cardboard 1250x160x800 Box $32.97ea Medium Twin Wall Cardboard Box 1400x160x900 $42.27ea Large Twin Wall Cardboard Box 1700x160x1100  $45.10ea

Mirrors or glass table tops. Pictures, canvases. For added protection. Wrap your items first with Pro Wrap or Butchers Paper and Bubble Wrap

Postage Boxes

Mailing Boxes

We have a range of small boxes for small business for Mailing . You can also use them for packing smaller house hold  items. Contact us for a price on bulk orders. Or there is something else you require for your business.

Shipping Box 356x356x279 $2.70 A3 430x305x140mm $1.27 ea A4 310x215x130mm $0.96 ea

Boxes Shippin 350x350x170mm $1.93

Postage Boxes 220x157x77mm $1.10 ea No Minimum Buy

Clear Packing Tape Rubber Base 48mmx75m

$3.30 ea $104.54 for 36 rolls.

This clear rubber base tape. Sticks well to the boxes. Is strong and durable. Will seal up to around 20 boxes. Heavy duty packing tape. Good for plastic products. Suitable for all climates and recycled boxes as well. Seals up to 20 packing boxes.

Fragile Packing Tape 48mmx75m $4.95

Fragile Packing Tape 48mmx75 Meters

Fragile Packing Tape is a great way to identify the cardboard  Boxes and items that that bit of extra care while in transit

Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

$ 12.95 ea + Free Roll of Tape

Buy Back Tape Gun @ $1.50 ea We highly recommend getting a tape gun. Especially if you have a lot of boxes to seal. It makes taping up the boxes a lot easier and quicker. Easy to load not need for any other tools

Removalist Pad Blanket

Removal Blanket 1.8×3.4m 500GSM Removal Pads

$19.80 for 1-9 $18.70 ea for 10 or more. $187.00 for a pack of 10 Includes GST

$18.10 ea inc GST

(No Refund given if you buy pack of 10 and don’t use them all )Please give a few days notice with bulk buys. No refund on this unless the blankets are faulty. These are the same blankets that removal companies use.

Packing Label ‘Fragile’ 10 pack

Fragile Labels 10 Pack

$1.25 Per Pack of 10 Mark your boxes clearly With these labels

Marker Pen

Marker Pen

$2.00 ea Mark your boxes with this marker pen.

Carton Knife

Carton Knife

$2.42 ea

Use to cut the bubble wrap or the tape on the cardboard boxes.

Zip Up Storage Carry Bag. Polywoven 60cmx52cmx26cm


Carry and moving storing your Blankets , Sheets, Towels, Pillows, Toys, Clothing. Even in Summer when you are not using your winter blankets and jumpers.


Bundling Film plus Dispenser 100mm x 300m x 25um

$10.50ea Use this to bundle larger Items together like. Wood, poles and any other loose items. Also around your chest of drawers to keep the draws shut. Or even around your boxes for add protection. Wrapping your luggage when traveling is the global standard these days in adding luggage security to you and your personal Items. In giving you that added peace of mind. Knowing that your belongings will arrive safe and untouched at your final destination. Wrapping your backpacks, suitcases, carry bags, boxes, prams, children car seats. This will give it that added protection not just from dirt but also. Against Theft, Tampering, Keeps Your Bag Together if it should fall apart. Someone adding items to your bag that you don’t know about. General damage during transit.

Bubble Wrap 50cm x 5 Meters, 10mm (perforated at 2.5 meters)

Bubble Wrap 5 meters (perferated 2.5 meters)

$4.51 ea

Wrap Picture Frames, Glassware , Vases, Computers , TV, Other Fragile Items. Void Fill

Bubble Wrap 50cm x 100 Meters 10mm Perforated every 5 meters

Bubble Wrap 1500mm x Per Meter $2.20 a meter

50cm x 100 Meter $38.50 each Bubble Wrap 50cm x 50 Meters $25.30

Wrap Picture Frames, Glassware , Vases, Computers , TV, Other Fragile Items.

Protection Foam Covers

TV screen Art protection covers

TV Packs come with these Foam Protection Covers. They can be used for your pictures frames as well. Foam Protection Cover 0.5mm think 1000mm x 500mm $3.50 1400mm x 750mm $4.51 1750mm x 750mm $5.41

Butchers Paper 5kg

Sheets 920x610mm $14.85 ea 5kg Approx 170 Sheets $ 9.90 ea 3kg Approx 100 Sheets

Great for wrapping plates and glasses etc. Save washing the newsprint off from newspapers. Also use a fill for your boxes

Butchers Paper 18kg 920x610mm $43.70 Approx 610 Sheets per 18kg

Great for wrapping plates, glasses and any breakable items. Also use for fill for your Packing Boxes. As they are large sheets these can be cut in half for small plates and glasses etc.

Void Fill Small Bags approximately 1kg

$14.30  Small Bag Fill A Tea Chest Box Fills any space in your storage box and gives your fragile items extra support during transit

Void Fill Large Bags approximately 400lt

Void Fill Packing Peanuts

$40.70ea for 400lt Fills any space in your storage box and gives your fragile items extra support during transit. For Bulk orders please give at leave 24 hours notice. Due to lack space we do not carry a lot of this

Prowrap. Furniture Covers. International Wrap

Prowrap. International Wrap. Furniture Covers

Rolls of 1.5m x per meter $3.30

Pro Wrap Furniture cover is great for your bulky items that need that extra protection during transportation or storage. It has a non abrasive surface with added cushioning and easy to mold around corners like on tables. Moisture resistant, strong and durable also puncture and tear resistant. You can reuse this over and over again. Being made from recycle material it is great for the environment. With a soft material and Bubbles on the outside its great for oil paintings and pictures.

Lounge Chair Cover Bags. Furniture Protections Bags

2-3 Seater Lounge Chair Cover. 182 x 305 cm $5.75

1 Seater lounge 195 x 160 $2.95

Protect your lounge from. Dirt, Dust and Water when Moving, Storing or doing Renovations.

Dining Chair Cover Bags. Furniture Protections Bags

Furniture Protection Bags. Furniture Covers

Dining Chair Protecting Cover Bags 120 x 100 x 25cm 2 pack $3.30 Protect your chair from. Dust , Dirt and Water when Moving, Storing or doing Renovations

Mattress Protections Bags

Mattress Protections Bags Heavy Duty King Size $ 8.80

Mattress Protections Queen or Double Heavy Duty $7.70

Mattress Protections King Single or Single Heavy Duty $ 6.60

Protect your Mattress from Dirt, Greece, Dirty Hands, Other Marks.

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags – Space Bags

Vacuum Seal Storage Bags – Space Bags Small 2pk 90cmx70cm $ 7.70 ea

Storage Vacuum Seal Bag. Great for storage of winter clothing, soft toys, linen and pillows etc. Also provides protection from moisture, dust, mildew, insects. dirt.

Shipping Boxes

Postage Boxes

We have a range of small shipping boxes should you be sending items locally, interstate or internationally. If there is something you need and we don’t have it. Let us know and will see if we can source it in for you

A3 Boxes 430x305x140mm $1.21ea

A4 Boxes 310x215x279mm $1.06ea

Postal Die Cut Boxes 220x257x75mm $1.10ea

Second Hand Boxes

From time to time we have second hand boxes for sale. Due to the buy back we offer our customers. Contact us if you are looking for second hand boxes and will let you know if we have any available

Please let us know if you require any other products. Will try to source them for you.

To place a order. Please either Call or TXT Roxann Coffey on 0411676626 or E-Mail You can also use the contact form below

Payment by Card  Cash or Internet Banking . You are more then welcome to come and look at the products.

We have a mobile Eftpos machine so can accept payment on delivery. With no extra fees for paying by credit card.

Before you come and buy anything. Please call, txt or e-mail and make a appointment first as I maybe out on a delivery.

How to Assemble The Archive Box

Click on Link here to see a short video on how to Assemble The Archive Box.

They come as once piece flat pack. With built in handles, lid and base. Makes it easy to move with no worries about the base falling out or losing the lid.

Strong and durable that way you can stack them if need be. With the double cardboard your archive box and documents will last longer.

If you like we can assemble the Archive Box for you at no extra cost to you.

You can click on this Link for your Delivery Fee. In some cases delivery maybe free

Click on this Link for After Hours Service.

Also click on this Link for recommended packaged deals . Example 1-2 bedroom house

For all your Moving Boxes, Packing Boxes , Storage Boxes & Packing Items

Servicing Brisbane , Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast

If you are Moving , De cluttering or just need to store your items . We have all the items you need. From Packing Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Butchers Paper, Tissue Paper, Picture Mirror Boxes, Port a Robes. With no minimum buy and pick up or delivery we can help you save on your moving or storage cost.

You will need a lot of Moving Boxes–probably more boxes than you think. Having enough boxes will make your life easier.  If you buy your Packing Boxes from us you can always return unused boxes for a full refund. (Providing they have not been used in anyway. ) Have around 10 boxes set aside to use for last minute items on your moving day, such as bedding, clothing, and cleaning supplies. Make sure you have  Strong Packing Tape to seal your boxes. Use Butchers Paper (newspaper can leave a ink print on your items ) There is also Bubble Wrap to wrap and protect your items.  You may need more items then you think so get extra just in case so the packing can go smoothly right up to the end.

Are you are happy with our service . Please if you have time write a review and let us and other know how we have helped you. If you have a Google account. Please write a review with them. As it all helps in getting the word out.

If you use our contact forms. Please be on the look out for a reply. As it might go to your trash depending on your e-mail settings. Or simple give me a call or txt message . I will be more then happy to call you back and answer any questions you may have.

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