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Tips Unpacking After a Move

Here are some great tips to help you unpack and enjoy your new home sooner

We all know that its easier to unpack into your new home then to pack. The hardest thing is having room for everything. Especially when you are downsizing. Here are some ideas and  Tips Unpacking After a Move. To help make that job a little easier.

Tips Unpacking After a Move

If you started packing earlier enough. This would have given you enough time to de-clutter and get rid of any items you no longer use or need. Depending on how the packing went. Will determine how the unpacking will go.

Get help if you can.  Have a plan organised. Work out what needs to be done first.

  • Before you unpack the truck.

Take a quick run around your new home and see if there is anything that needs to be taken care of. Did the old owners leave the house clean? Is there any damage that needs to be repaired. It might be worth your while fixing all this up before you fill the rooms and then have to fix the room up and move furniture etc

  • Before the removal company unloads the truck.

Let the removal company know where you want your large furniture items to go. This will save you doing this once they have left. If you have chosen to move yourself. Make sure you have plenty of help to assist you with the large furniture. The less you move these items the better.

Now you are ready to unload the removal truck.

  • Electrical items.

Its best not to plug your TV and Fridge in right after you move. Have it all set up and let them sit for at least 2-3 hours This will settle the gas in the fridge. Do the same with your tv’s and computer.

  • Work out what room you need to start unpacking in first.

For example if you have children start with their beds and get these assembled. As its a huge day for them as well. Getting a good night sleep would be a great help to you the next day. If they are well rested. You need to work out what is the most important things you need to do next. Work from there. How much time do you have. As you may have kids that need to go to school the next day. So it could be setting up their room. Or you could have to go to work. So it maybe your room that needs to be done. Work out what you can leave for say later in the week or the following weekend. Have a time management plane. Don’t over do it. Moving can be stressful so you need to rest and eat from time to time. So you have enough energy to keep going and don’t injure yourself.

You are just about there. Now to unpack all the cardboard boxes

  • Unpacking the boxes.

If you are like me. A lot of clutter stresses you out. There are a few options you can do with the boxes. Depending on how much space you have. Leave the boxes in the garage and take one box at the time and unpack. Or you can put all the boxes into one room and do the same. Other wise put each box in the corner of each room where it belongs. Start from there.

  • Work on one room at a time.

This will save you a lot of stress doing one job at a time. Unless you have help. Cut open the boxes along the tape with a knife. This will be easier if you are going to re sell your boxes. As ripping the tape off will only damage the boxes if the tape is a good quality and sticks well to the boxes. Keep one box for all your rubbish. Also keep a box for any bubble wrap or butchers paper. You maybe able to sell or give this to someone else to re use once you have finished unpacking. This will save filling up your bin.

Now what to do with the  empty boxes

  • What to do with your boxes when you have unpacked.

Stack these up in a dry cool place out of the way. Once you have finished unpacking decide what you would like to do with them. You have a few options. Either keep them for your next move. Give them away or sell them and re coop some of your money back you spent on moving. You may have paid a lot of money for these boxes and packing supplies. So rather then just throwing them out. Sell them as second hand boxes on Gumtree or Facebook market place. This is also great for the enviroment.

Enjoy your new home and get to know the neighbors.

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Here are some great tips to help you unpack and enjoy your new home sooner