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Moving Tips. How to Move your Waterbed. Moving your Bed and Mattress

Tips The best way on How To Move your Waterbed

How to get your bed ready for your move

Moving Tips. How to Move your Waterbed. Moving your Bed and Mattress

Moving Tips. How to Move your Waterbed. Moving your Bed and Mattress. Here are some great tips in saving you the stress and time in moving and unpacking.

These Moving Tips – How to Move Your Waterbed. Moving Your Bed and Mattress. Are just a guide as moving your bed is one of the most important furniture to move. Using these tips will help you have your bed ready in time for the removal men to pack in the truck. If you do this right can be one of the first things you set up so you can have a great night sleep in your new home once you have moved. Hope these tips help with How to Move your Waterbed. Moving Your Bed and Mattress.

  • Your beds are normally one of the last thing to be packed up and one of the first to be assembled in your new home.
  • Have your tools and seal tight bag handy and 2 packing boxes or what ever you are going to pack your linen into like a Zip Carry Storage Bag . Also a Mattress Protection Bags if need be
  • As your bed will be big and heavy you need to disassemble it as much as you can.
  • Remove your bedding and place in one of the empty Moving Boxes. You will want clean linen in your new home . So fill your second Packing Box with the clean linen . Or if you are using the Zip Carry Storage Bag.
  • Mark the Boxes or Bag clearly so you know which is the dirty sheets and which are clean.
  • Use your Mattress Protection Bag to protect your Mattress through out the move. If you don’t have one . Use a blanket or sheet instead.  Or maybe a tarp. As you don’t want dirty hand prints or marks on your mattress. The Mattress Protection Bags are the best
  • Decided on the best way to disassemble your bed. Some beds are easy and take no time at all. You might need a little help with the bigger beds.
  • With all your nuts and bolts . You can either screw them back into your bed. Or you can screw them together and place in the Seal Tight Bag. Make sure you do this asap as you don’t want to be looking for them later on.
  •  So you don’t lose them . Either Tape them to your bed in the bag or place them in the clean linen box . So you know where they are when you need them at the other end.
  • If your parts to your bed are not to heavy you can either. Tape a few of them together or tie them together. If need be number the parts so you know how to put it back together. Also how many pieces you need to find at the other end.
  • You need two people to carry your mattress and your bed parts. More for size and weight. Much easier and safer if you have help with this.
  • Make sure you mattress is secure in the back of the truck or trailer  . Do not tie these to the roof of your car. It is very unsafe for you and the people who happen to be driving behind you .
  • When you get to your new home. Place your bed or beds in the room where they will be needed. Including the box with the clean sheets and blankets and pillows. Tools and the nuts and bolts you need to put it together.
  •  Its like a puzzle . Set your bed out where you want it to go. Make sure you have all your pieces there. Then start putting your bed together .
  •  Please make sure you move it as safely as possible as you don’t want to cause any damage to you or any other property

How to Move Your Waterbed.

Having a Waterbed once myself the best way I found to move it. As I moved about  times with my bed. Leaving water in the bladder just made it heavy to lift. Especially when living in a unit on the top floor. Here are some great tips on how to move your waterbed safely.

  • Have to boxes one for clean linen and one for dirty linen.
  • There are professionals that will come and empty the water out of your waterbed for you.
  • Depending on the size this could take 15 to  20 minutes.
  • If you hire a professional they will fold it up and have it ready for your move. This is great if you have any baffles or its wave-less
  • Take note of any leak’s and mark these on the mattress. If you have hired a professional they may be able to fix these for you.
  • Then all you have to do is do the bed frame.
  • Same as a normal bed. Have your tools ready and screws and pack these in a bag with the clean linen.
  • Mark the box clearly so that way you can find it once you move
  • Or you can tape the bag to the frame. Ready for the move
  • Once you have moved you can set the frame up.
  • Make sure any leak’s have been fixed before you fill the bladder.
  • Fill your bed up. If you have baffle’s use a soft head broom to spread the baffles out when its about 3/4 filled.
  • Check again for any leak’s.
  • Then you can make your bed and enjoy a good night sleep in your new home

If I have missed anything or you might have something to add. Please let me know. It might help someone with their move This is just a guide.  We take no responsibility for any damage that may happen to your beds or property  if anything should happen.

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How to Move your Waterbed. Moving Your Bed and Mattress.

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