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How To Pack A Bedroom – How to Pack Boxes In a Bedroom

 Here are some great tips on How To Pack A Bedroom – How To Pack Boxes In a Bedroom

How to pack a box for your bedroom and other rooms.

  • When you are ready to start packing the bedrooms. Start with a room you are not using like a spare room. That way you will have somewhere to store your Packing Boxes and Other items like furniture.
  • You can start with the items you are not using. If there are items you are using in that room. Move to one side and clear a wall to start storing your boxes.


  • Decide on what items you need to take with you . You should pack a day bag just in case you may need it at the other end. Don’t for get your toiletries and linen and any medication you need.
  • Once you have got to the bedroom . Start with the closets. Make 3 piles. Items you want to keep. Items you want to sell donate or give away. Items you are not sure what to do. You can come back to this pile when you have finished and decide what you would like to do.
  • Remember if you are using a removalist the more items you have in the boxes and on the truck will cost you time and money.
  • Use a Portable Robe Boxes  for your dresses , shirts, and other clothing you have hanging in your wardrobe. These are great as they save you time in ironing again at the other end.
  • Or you can use a suite case, Zip Lock Carry Bag  or even Vacuum Seal Bags these are also great for towels , linen and pillows.
  •  If you don’t have any of these items you can pack into a large or Medium Packing Box . Use butcher paper to line the box. Leave your clothing on the coat hangers if you like.
  • Any clothing or items you are not going to keep . Pack in a separate packing box or garbage bag. Mark it clearly so you don’t give away the wrong items.

Jewelry and Expensive Items

  • For your dressing table and valuable items like jewelry. You can take these with you . If that is not possible pack into a smaller box and place in a larger box.
  • Don’t mark this box with jewelry especially if they are expensive items. Make sure they go in a box where they won’t get damaged in anyway.
  • Make sure you are covered by insurance. Check with the removalist about their insurance or get your own. Don’t tell them what box these items are in.

Shoes and other smaller items

  • If you still have your shoe boxes. These will fit great in a medium packing box. Or you can get Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes.
  • You can also wrap them in plain newsprint paper ( Butchers Paper ) or Tissue Paper then place in a box
  • Do you still have room in your box. Place a few sheets of paper over the shoes and pack lighter items on top.
  • Or the shoes my fit at the bottom of your Portable Robe. Check the weight to make sure its not too heavy.
  • Clear Plastic Shoes Boxes are great. You are able to see what shoes are in what box and will keep your wardrobe clutter free and shoes dust free

Large Furniture Items

  • For your Chest of Draws make sure you clear all the draws out.
  • Are you are going to leave your chest of draws full. Make sure its not too heavy and that it can be lifted.
  • Seal the draws shut. Check with your removalist as they may have something they can use.
  • You could also use a removal blanket and truck ties or tape around it so the draws won’t fly open . Or take all the draws out
  • Any make up, perfume or other items you can pack with your bathroom products. You could wrap in Bubble Wrap or Tissues Paper for that extra support
  • Place these items in a smaller box. Mark the box clearly so you know where to find them. Also write fragile on it so they are less likely to be damaged.
  • With your Mirror and Picture frames. You can use the Picture – Mirror Packing Box
  • Tape up one end of the box. Wrap your product in Bubble Wrap or Removal Blanket or  Wrap Pad use Packing Tape  and place in the Removal Box
  • Mark the box clearly with what is in the box and what room you would like it to go in.
  • Make sure these boxes stand upright and not flat. So they won’t get damaged.

Blinds and Curtains

  • Your Venetians Blinds or Larger Blinds. Try to clean them while they are still hanging. Wrap them in a Removal Blanket or sheet and tape up.
  • This will give them that added protection when moving. Any curtain rods or other times. Keep together as well. Smaller items like screws, use a small bag and put in a box where you know you will find them once you have moved
  • Curtains you can clean these once you have moved. As this will help to remove any wrinkles or stains etc and save you doing it again once you are in your new home.

Linen and Pillows

  • Depending on how may pillows you have . You can pack these in a larger box. Portable Robes are good for this.
  • Blankets and sheets and towels can be packed in a separate box. These can also be used for added protection for other items . Like Pictures and Glassware or just filling up a box.
  • Make sure you keep a box of clean linen for the night you have moved. That way you can have a good night sleep in the comfort of your own bed on the first night in your new home.

If you have any other tips . Please let us know. Will be happy to add them.

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How To Pack A Bedroom - How to Pack Boxes In a Bedroom