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Tips Selling Unwanted Goods-Items

Tips Selling Unwanted GoodsHere are some great Tips Selling Unwanted Goods Items

Selling your unwanted items is great. Not only does it free up some space but your can get something in return for you items that you no longer need.


  • The less you have to pack. This will save you time in packing up your home.
  • The less you have to pack. This will save you money as you will not need as many Packing Boxes or Packing Supplies for moving
  • The less you have to pack. This will save you money on your moving cost. As it will not take up space on the removalist truck.
  • The less you have to pack. This will save you money on the time it takes for the removalist to unload the truck.
  • The less you have to pack. This will save you time in unpacking and finding space for your items in your new home
  • These Tips Selling unwanted Goods. Will show you how you can get some extra money to put towards your moving costs.


With the money you got from selling your unwanted items. This could go toward new items for your new home. Like furniture or kitchen items. Shouting your family or friends dinner for helping you move. Save up for a holiday. It also helps keep your home clutter free and give you more space in your home.

It up to you how you want to declutter  your home. If you want to give it away to family or friends. Or sell your items. Here is a list of places where you can try to see your items or donate them to a charity of your choice. To advertise with most of these place will not cost you any money as they are all free site.

Just click on the links below and it will take you to their sites. Hope this information helps you in someway. If we can help you in anyway with your moving and packing supplies. Please either call or e-mail Details are below.

  1. Ebay Australia
  2. Gumtree Australia
  3. Cash Converters
  4. Recycle Australia find one near you.
  5. St Vincents De Paul
  6. Salvation Army
  7. The Smith Family
  8. Nacro

If you have a garage sale at home and you advertise, you can search for garage sale posting sites and post your items there. Be expected people to show up early. Way before you say your are going to start your garage sale. There are some great tips on the link. My friends have been caught out a bit with this so thought to share. They have had people come in saying they will buy the lot for say $100 for example. They say they can only take so much and will come back for the rest. They only take the good items and leave the rest behind. So don’t be caught out. Either say they have to take the lot in one go. Give them certain items to take and come back for the rest. Or just cut your losses and try and sell the items they left behind.

Or could also ring your local school or Daycare center if you have old computers or toys or musical instruments for sale or give away.


Home Recycling Near You.




Recycling Near you


The Information on this site offers local drop offs as well as other services provided by your local council. In helping to recycle your unwanted goods like. Batteries, computers, cartridges, printers, mobile phones, cardboard boxes and any other items that can be recycled. Call the Recycling Hotline for your local drop off on 1300 733 712 Hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST

If you have any other suggestion to share. Please send me a e-mail be happy to add it in.


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