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Tips To Choose The Right Size Packing Boxes For Shipping

After the initial relief of finishing an order and getting it ready for shipping, you might not think too much about the size of the cardboard boxes you will use to pack your products. This is a mistake you shouldn’t make. Choosing the right size packing boxes in North Lakes is crucial to ensure your products arrive safely at their destination. It can also enhance your brand’s recognition and contribute to its unique messaging.

So, if you’re looking for expert tips on choosing the right shipping boxes, consider these pointers!

Factors in Selecting The Right Packing Box  

Selecting the correct packing boxes is crucial as it avoids any damage to the products and helps to keep the freight costs down. For that, there are a couple of factors at play that you need to consider:

How Large is the Product?

Measure the length, breadth, and height – we advise between ½ “ to ¼ “ to your product dimensions (that includes the packing materials too).

How Many Items Will You Ship?

It’s most likely your customer wants multiple orders to come in a single box. So, choose your packaging supplies in Brisbane accordingly. Bigger boxes can cost more to ship. Hence, you can opt for lightweight and quality packaging to save some bucks.

Is the Item Fragile?

If you’re shipping fragile products, invest in extra padding or, even better, add custom inserts to ensure the items stay secure and safe.

What Are You Using the Packing Boxes For?

First, ask yourself what you’re using the packing boxes for. This will impact the type and box size you choose. Follow the pointers below to find the best fit.

E-commerce or mailer boxes: These are great if your brand values the unboxing experience as an important feature of your item. These packing boxes in North Lakes are manufactured for safe transit of items, especially when several packing items are in one box.

Donation bins: If you want your shipping boxes to look presentable and also better for the environment, this box type suits your purpose.

Folding Cartons: These are solid options if the item you’re shipping is small, perfect for makeup, skin care products and likewise. This also works if you’re transporting your goods in a retail setting like a clothing boutique or a beauty salon.

Flute Type Boxes: These types of packaging supplies in Brisbane are known for excellent durability and strength. Flute boxes can safeguard your boxes from external shocks and vibrations – making them perfect for transporting consumable items like food or medicine. It comes in three different sizes:

  • B-type  cardboard boxes
  • C-type  cardboard boxes
  • E-type  cardboard boxes

Lastly, consider the shipping costs. For instance, bigger boxes with proper padding can cost you upfront, but that investment is nothing compared to customers receiving damaged or broken items. Consider proper but lightweight packaging to avoid unnecessary costs.

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