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How To Assemble The Archive Boxes

Tips: How To Assemble The Archive Boxes

Our Archive Boxes. These come as a flat pack. Here is a Video on how to Assemble them. Or if you like we can do that for you at no extra cost.

They come with built in handles, lid and base. Makes it easy to move with no worries about the base falling out or losing the lid.

Strong and durable that way you can stack them if need be. With the double cardboard your archive box and documents will last longer.



Video courtesy of Visy Boxes and More.


Archive Boxes are not only great for your office files. They are also great for storing other items like DVD’s, CD’s books and any other small items.

They stack really easily. With these archive boxes. You won’t lose the lid or the base will not fall out as it come as one whole box

How To Assemble The Archive Boxes. This is really easy to do.

  1.  Lie it flat with the writing on the floor.
  2. Stand at the foot of the box. The lid of the Box has (No tape required storage box) or it looks like it missing pieces from the side
  3. With your feet either side of the box. Fold the side up at the fold into the middle.
  4. fold the front of the box up and slide the sides into place inside the box
  5. Then fold the sides into the box slits into place
  6. The lids. With the side flaps. Fold them down and into the middle of the lid of the box.
  7. Fold the top of the box over the flaps and into the slots.

If you are still unsure contact me and I will be more then happy to help you out. If you require the archive boxes. I am more then happy to assemble them for you once you have received your order from us.

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