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Removalist Brisbane | How to choose the Right Removal Company

When choosing  the right Removalist or Moving Company to move your items. Here are some tips on how to Choose the right Removalist for you. As You want to make sure you pick the right and not be worried about your items being lost or damaged

You want to make sure you and your belongs are in the right hands and done right the first time. As you know moving is stressful. Here are some tips on how to minimize damage and risk to you


  • We recommend you ask friend’s or family members who they used as word of mouth is the best source of recommendation you can get. In saying that if you use a big company there are no guarantees you will get the same guys to move you. So keep doing your research.
  • In Australia . You can check the ABN and Business registration for any Removals or Moving Company you use. Click on Link to check ABN and Registration If they are not registered. They will not be covered by insurance
  • Do your home work. Compare Prices. Don’t just go on cost but what they offer. If the price sounds to good to be true it generally it is. Unless they have a special on or maybe wanting extra work that day. Don’t be afraid to ask the Removalist and questions or concerns you may have.
  • See their website for recommendations from former customers. or Google reviews are good too
  • At BOX EM UP we sell Removal Boxes and Packing items for people in Brisbane who are moving just like you. Even though you are using a removal company you don’t need to source your products from them. Shop around for your moving boxes and packing items This could save you hundreds of dollars. As the moving companies will not give you these boxes for free . Even though they say so in most cases. They generally put these prices into your moving cost and charge a fair bit for these boxes. So don’t be caught out.
  • One way to check this is ask for the moving cost without any packing supplies first. Then ask for the moving cost with the packing supplies.
  • You can ask for a contract and insurance from your Removalist with no obligation to use them. With the contact make sure it is clear and you can understand it
  • See  (AFRA – Australia Furniture Removals Association for more info on Insurance.
  • Find out if you are being charged by a hourly rate or by load. This could make a big difference to your cost.
  • Do not pay for anything until the day of your move. If something should happen. Say they lost their business or can’t move you.  You could lose your money
  • If you have to pay the minimum deposit then get a receipt
  • Check the insurance as anything could happen on the day. Make sure you are covered should anything be damaged. Not only to your items but also to the house, fence or other property. You don’t want to be caught out if anything should go wrong especially if you are renting the property and want your bond back.
  • Ask how they want you to have things ready on the day. Make sure all your heavy items are easy to get to. As they tend to go on the truck first.
  • Have a plan of your new home where you want your items to go. Have this on moving day. This will save you time and energy in moving these again later. Ask the Removalist what is the easiest way for them to unload the truck and put the items where you would like them.


You are ready to book your removalist

  • Book your Removalist as soon as possible. This will leave your options open for you to choose the time and date you want. Especially around the busy times of the year like Christmas.
  • It is cheaper to book the removalist for during the week rather then the weekend.
  • When you book your removalist. Ask if you can be their first job of the day or as early as you can get them. If they get held up on other jobs before you they could be behind for a few hours. You don’t want to be waiting around to long for them
  • Once again check the contact and insurance from the moving company you are using. Make sure you are happy with everything on there and they have not left anything out.
  • Do not sign the contact till you are happy with it.
  • Once again we say don’t pay them any money until after the move. If you have to pay something just pay the minimum deposit. We had a customer who booked a removalist ( not one we recommended) She was still waiting for them to show up at 8pm that night. Please don’t be caught out
  • If the Removalist company does have limited insurance. You can check with your insurance company to see if they will cover you for lost or damage or search for an insurance company who will
  • Do you have Valuable Items such as Art Work, Antiques etc. that need a little extra care. Consider using a removalist or moving company who have experience in these area’s
  • Before you sign anything make sure you check all paper work and re check . You don’t want to be caught out on the day


How to pack your home ready for the Removal Company

  • Doesn’t matter on how they are charging you if it be by the load or per hour. These tips will help you and them save time if not money
  • All your heavy and bulky items will go to the back of the truck. Like Beds, wardrobes, white goods, lounges etc. Make sure on the day these are easy to get access to.
  • Make sure you fridge is defrosted the day before and there is no water around. Beds are dismantled and packed. Click on link . How to move your bed
  • Your boxes and other items should be marked clearly. If you organized and going by room. Tell the removalist which boxes you want to go first.
  • See under our heading Moving Tips-Packing Tips for more details if you need it
  • Also have a camera ready for the day of your move just in case you need it for any damage they cause


The Removalist or Moving Company has arrived.

  • Welcome to the day of the move. Write down the time they arrive. Check the truck and driver and worker to see if you are happy with how they look. Are they clean and tidy.
  • Go through the contract again to make sure you are all satisfied with it
  • Go thought your home with them. Ask what will make it easier and faster for them to load and unload their truck.
  • Make sure they can get to any items they need to first.
  • If they cause any damage to your home . Take a photo and write it down. Get them to sign it. This will come in handy if you are renting or need to claim the damage on insurance.
  • Make sure you are happy with the progress . Remember this is hard work on them especially in summer. The easier you make it for them the better for you and them.
  • Once the truck is loaded. Check your home to make sure they have everything.
  • Now you have arrived to your new home. The boxes and lighter items will be loaded off first.
  • Let the Removalist  Moving Company know where you want these. Make sure they will not be in the way of the heavier items coming off the truck.
  • Instruct them where you want your heavier items to go. The less they moves these around the better for you and them.  Have your plan ready
  • If you are happy with everything . Pay them the money you owe. Write a Review and tell your friends and Family members about them.
  • Enjoy your new home.


We at BOX EM UP Hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any other suggestions that may help someone please let us know. As they may come in handy to someone else.


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Thank you for visiting Removalist Brisbane | How to choose the Right Removal Company We like to wish you all the best with your move and hope these tips have helped you in someway.


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Removalist Brisbane | How to choose the Right Removal Company