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Brisbane Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes-Moving Boxes Brisbane

Find cheap and best moving Boxes in Brisbane

Finding Right Moving Boxes in Brisbane

Our Reliable Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Will Make Moving Easier

Ordering your Brisbane Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes- Moving Boxes Brisbane ahead of time is just one of the steps in preparing for your move.  Here are some more tips:

Check items that need disconnecting or even disassembling before they can be moved.  Classic examples are.

  1. Defrosting and emptying your fridge the day before the move.
  2. Disassembling large gyms or children’s swings, emptying water beds, etc.
  3. Some items are easily forgotten, such as a satellite dish on your roof – the removals company are not going to get it off your roof, so you need to, or arrange for it be done.

Also, some things can not be moved, such as petrol, paints, solvents – you need to dispose of these safely ahead of your move.  Remember to empty the tanks of things like petrol mowers, outboard motors, etc.

Items you should take with you in the car

Then there are the things you need to carry in your car – medication you need to take regularly, important documents like passports, and valuable jewelry.  Ideally, you should also backup your computer and carry the backups with you, just in case.

If you going with a removal company wouldn’t hurt to take inventory of the things you had them move. Quick way is count the number of Moving Boxes that they will have on their truck and your other items. You can do a spread sheet on your computer I find is the best. You can do a room by room, box by box. Then you can print it out when you are finished and have it with you.

Code your boxes, Like Bedroom 1 . B1 1/11  So you have 11 boxes all up for the bedroom. So the first one will be 1/11 then 2/11 and so on. That way when you get to the destination you can code all the rooms so you can tell where all the boxes and furniture goes.  Kitchen you can go K 1/10 and 2/10 if you get my point. Keep a list with you so you can mark these off and would be easy to find anything missing and report it if need be to the removal company.

If they damage anything make sure you take photo’s for your insurance. Before you move it. Don’t sign anything till you read the fine print.

The above are just a few of the pre-move issues to consider; below is a video, courtesy of Vicky Norris Organizer that is the most comprehensive we could find on pre-move tasks.

Brisbane Removal Boxes
Crystal and Fragile Items Box 403mmx301mmx330mm

BOX EM UP : Packing Boxes For Sale Brisbane

And of course, remember to contact Boxemup for your Brisbane Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes-Moving Boxes Brisbane well ahead of time.

Tell Boxemup the type of house or unit you are moving from, and we can give recommended configurations of Brisbane removal boxes and packing items. To meet your all Moving and Storage needs

Ring Roxann now on 0411 676 626 to discuss how many Brisbane Removal Boxes-Packing Boxes- Moving Boxes Brisbane you are likely to need.

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