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Top Tips Moving with your Pets Animals Local and Overseas.

Tips moving with your pets animals local and overseas.

This can be stressful not just on you but with your animals as well. If you are like me your Pets are your family and you want them to be looked after while they are traveling. When you have the moving boxes – packing boxes and items for your belongings taken care of . Make sure you have the correct transportation crate/carrier for your Pets .

This is just a guide you should check with your local vet on the best way to move your pets.

Just because you are moving overseas doesn’t mean you have to give your beloved animal away. There are great business out there who can help you with the move of your animals. Here is one for example.

Top Tips Moving with your Pets Animals Local and Overseas.

  • Get your pet checked out by your vet to make sure they will be fine with the move. You can also get some more ideas on Moving with your Pets from them. Make sure their Vaccination are up to date if need be
  • Pack your pets toys and bowls and anything else they like to have in a suitable moving box and keep this handy with you.
  • If you are moving local its not so bad. You can contact your vet in regards to the hire of a crate or try and find one on E-Bay. Especially if your animal is not use to traveling with you .
  • Make sure you keep a old shirt or something in the crate/carrier with your dog or cat . As this will help keep them calm during the move to your new place.
  • Have your pet registered with the new council if need be. Make sure you can read the identification labels/tags.
  • If moving overseas or interstate. Check to see if there is no bans on having your pets there. For Example Rabbits are banned in Queensland unless you have a license.
  • Have the right size carrier / Crate for the safety of you and your pets
  • On the day of your move. Try to find someone to look after your pets on the day of your move if possible. That way they will not be in your way.
  • Try not to feed your pet a meal before the trip. If its going to be a long trip in the car. Stop for a snack and have plenty of water. If you are driving and have a dog. Stop at a dog park . Give them a snack and a run before getting back in the car
  • Take extra towels and plastic bags with you in the car just in case there is a accident in the carrier
  • Get them use to the surrounding areas as soon as you can. Take your Dog for a walk around the block or to the local park when you can. Also around the house . Spend some time with them before you get busy unpacking your Moving Boxes – Packing Boxes and Items
  • Cats are a little different. Make sure when you get to your new place its a good idea to leave them in the laundry with plenty of water and food and kitty litter and a bed. This will keep them safe if there is other animals in your area . Or from running away.
  • When things settle down keep the doors shut and let your cat walk around the house. Let them look out the window. This will help them settle into their new environment
  • Spend some time with them while you are unpacking from time to time. Cats don’t like change too much and know when things are different. They will soon adjust to their new environment give them time.
  • See your new local vet . So you know where they are and can check on the health of your pet to make sure they are ok.
  • For all other animals . Birds , Rabbits, Snakes, Lizards, horses, Guinea Pigs ect. Need the right transportation Crate or Carrier as well
  • Make sure you have plenty of water and food for your animals. Keep them safe.
  • Get back in a routine as soon as you can.

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If moving from Overseas to Australia here is a link from the Australian Government .

Australia Quarantine and Inspection Services

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Tips moving with your pets animals local and overseas
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Top Tips Moving with your Pets - Animals Local and Overseas.
Top Tips Moving with your Pets – Animals Local and Overseas.

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