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Need Help Moving

Moving date is coming up fast. Life is busy and moving day does not seem to far away now. Here are some great tips and advice should you Need Help Moving. So you have everything ready for moving day.

Write a list of what you need to do tick these off as you go.

Outsource where you can.

  • Its amazing what help is out there when you need it. All at a click of a button. Or a quick phone call could be all you need to get most of what you needed done. Especailly when life is so busy. From running around after your children, Being a Taxi Mum to everyday life. Or you work full time and just don’t have the time or the patients to get ready for your move.
  • Depending on where you are moving to. If you can’t look at the property yourself pay a third party to do this for you. Just don’t go on photos of the real estate. There are business out there like a Personal Concierge Service Finder that can take care of this for you for a fee. They also offer a range of other services to help assist you with your move. This is like having your very own Personal Assistance They can do a lot of the little jobs for you that you don’t have time to do

If you are in Brisbane I highly recommend Viveanne Lewis from Anew Lifestyle

Don’t leave things to the last day.

  • Have a plan B in place If you have everything ready to go the day before the move. The moving day should go well. If there is anything that goes wrong on the day. You should be able to handle it just fine.
  • Ask for help from friends and family
  • Shop around and ask local business what they offer. Make sure you read their reviews. So you know who you are getting to assist you with your move. Google is great source for this.

Getting your cardboard boxes and packing supplies ahead of time.

  • Will save you running around the last minute trying to source packing supplies. At BOX EM UP we can assist you with all you need to get the job done. If you are in Brisbane we can deliver to your door so you are ready to start packing. With our moving packs you can use this as a guide. This makes the process of moving easy for you. With a full refund on what you don’t use. Should you be running low we can drop more off to you. We also offer and after hours service should you run short on supplies with the truck coming the next day.

Changing your Utilities.

  • Here is one place that can take care of everything for you. Go to Direct Connect . They can take care of your Electricity, Gas and Water. Plus arrange your Internet, Phone, Pay TV, Insurance. All you need to do is fill in the form online and they take care of the rest for you.

Using a Removal Company.

  • Contact the Removal Company As soon as you have a date. Book this in. Ask them as many question as you can think of. Get as much info as you can from the company. From what they do supply. Cost of these supplies verses just paying for the removal. Some removal companies offer you “ Free Boxes” just check to make sure they are not adding these on to your bill at the end. What do they take on the truck and what you need to move yourself. For example Gas Bottles and Paint. A lot of removal companies will not put these on the truck due to a safety risk. Check the insuance and fine print before you sign anything. We recommend Brisbane Removals for local moves from Brisbane Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Hire a removal truck.

  • Get your friends and family to help you move. This could save you a lot of money and might only cost you a carton of beer and some pizza for lunch or dinner.

We recommend Mobil Truck Rental

De-clutter and get rid of unwanted items

  • Is the key to saving you a lot of money in packing supplies. There are professionals out there that can assist you with this. If you find it hard to let go of items you have been holding on to for years. Take a look at Donna from Orgainze it. It has some tips that can assist you with de-cluttering . There is also Facebook pages like the Market Place or local pages where you can advertise your items.

Getting Packers in to pack to help you pack

  • Most Removal Company offer a packing service to help you with your move. Check the fine print on the contract. As a lot of people get caught out with extra charges etc. Decide if you need a full pack done or half a pack done. Like the kitchen and a few rooms. Sometimes it is cheaper to source the boxes yourself and have the packers come in and pack.
  • If you are not to fussy on the packing you can try and post the job on Airtasker. Keep in mind you don’t know who is coming into your house. So make sure you keep your valuables hidden away. Read reviews and work out before hand what you want and need them to do.

Skip Bins.

  • There are great while you are packing and decluttering . This can save you multiply trip to the tip.


  • The last thing you feel like doing is cleaning. If you are renting most rentals need a bond clean. You can contact the Real Estate and see who they recommend to get the job done. As most places have cleaners on their books.
  • Take photos before and after the clean. Just to cover your bases. Should the real estate come back and say its not clean. You can also book a cleaner in to do you new home if needed.
  • Check your new property first to see if its be cleaned before you move in. Will be easier and cheaper to clean the empty house before you move in.
  • Whoever you use to help you pack. May also be able to help you unpack. At least you are in your new home so may not be in a rush to get your boxes unpacked. Marking your boxes clearly will make the job of unpacking easier and quicker.

What to do with your boxes once you have unpacked

  • Once you have unpacked and you don’t need the boxes anymore . Give them to family or friends. You can also sell these on Gumtree. Place your used wrapping paper in a box. We recommend you put a price on the lot and come and have them pick them up.

For more tips on Moving and Packing. Please see our website or contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time. I hope these tips help assist you and make the process of moving easier for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and not sure what to do. Or see our website for more details on tips on moving

After packing supplies Call Roxann Coffey on 0411676626 or email with the items you are after. Can send you through a quote first if you wish.

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