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Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Shipping Boxes Overseas

When it comes to shipping boxes overseas.

You want your items you are sending to be protected while in storage and transit. With our Cardboard Boxes Brisbane, Shipping Boxes  Overseas our durable strong boxes.  Are great and will help protect your items. Along with our other packing supplies. We highly recommend that you use not only Bubble Wrap or Void fill for packing and keeping your items safe. Twin wall Cardboard Boxes are great for packing. Let face it most of us know how the boxes get treated from point A-B. Either we have received a package that was damaged or seen the videos on Youtube when the boxes have been miss handled by the transport company or mail handler.

Twin Wall boxes are great to use when sending items interstate or overseas

Then you also have items that are not secure in the truck or van. When it comes to speeding or stopping all of a sudden in traffic and an object or another box comes in contact with your box with force. If you Packing Boxes are strong and you have packed your items securely in the box. It will be less likely to be damaged in the process. Packing Boxes Brisbane has great tips on packing. We also highly recommended you get transit insurance for your items. Even if its a TV being sent back for repairs by a third party. Accidents do happen so make sure you are covered. Most transport company will offer this. Or just ask when you call up for a quote. Make sure you know what you are covered for.

Same when its come to your Removal Boxes Brisbane.

Check that you are covered by the removal insurance. As most removal companies will not cover you should you pack the boxes yourself. Make sure before you sign anything that you read the fine print from the removal company.

Before Sending Anything Overseas Check with their Customs.

The last thing you need when shipping items overseas. Is to find it has been destroyed or keep at Customs. You might be told your items is fine for shipping. Generally when it comes to Food, Plants, Live Animals, Wood or timber items and so on. This needs to be declared. Each country is different. So before you pay for it to be boxed and shipped over. Make sure it is right to be sent. You could end up paying a lot more in the end. If you were not allowed to send it in the first place.

Where to get Shipping Boxes from

For our full range of Cardboard Boxes. Please see our price list for details. If you have any questions at all. Please send me a e-mail to or call 0411676626.

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