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Tips Packing Your kitchen For Moving

We all know that moving and packing takes time. Here are some tips packing your kitchen for moving

If you want the job done right to prevent damage you need to start the process a few weeks  before your move. Depending on how much spare time you have. Between working and family activities. Plus getting the kids to and from school. Life in general gets busy. You need to start the process of packing as soon as possible. This will save being caught out when the removal truck arrives and you are still packing. Here are some Tips Packing Your Kitchen For Moving .

Items you need for packing your kitchen

Get a range of different size boxes for your kitchen. Hard to say how many you need. As everyone one has different items. Some people have a lot. Some don’t have to as much. As everyone also packs differently. For a 3 to 4 bedroom home we recommend 2-3 large boxes and up to 10 medium twin wall and single wall boxes.

Large Twin Wall Tea Chest Boxes.

Medium Twin Wall Boxes

Medium Single Wall Boxes

Butchers Paper, Tissue Paper or Bubble Wrap for Crystal Glasses

Good Quality Packing Tape

Marker Pen

Have you given yourself plenty of time to pack.

You can start by de-cluttering your kitchen. Sell or see if anyone wants any items you no longer use or need. Use empty Tupperware or plastic containers for your food items. Remember to keep a couple of extra boxes out for your last minute items you are still using up to the day you move. Or you could use plastic plate etc. Throw these out saves washing on the day you move. Its important not to over fill your boxes. Not only will they be to heavy to lift. It can also help prevent your boxes from falling apart during transit.

  1. Pack any items large electrical items and larger kitchen items you will not be using before you move.If you don’t have the boxes they came in. Wrap these in Butchers Paper and place these in the tea chest boxes. Keep in mind the weight. Half fill the box and check the weight. As you don’t want the box to be any heavier then say 20 kg. If it starts to get heavy place lighter items on top.
  2. Packing Plates, Cups and Glasses to prevent damage. These are better off in a medium twin wall box. We all know how heavy a dinner set box can be. Adding paper only adds to the weight. This will also make it easier to pack and unpack at the new house if you place the box on the table. Saves bending down.
  3. Use Butchers Paper for wrapping. Using printed newspaper will only leave ink marks on your hand and kitchen items. Stand your plates and glasses upright in the box. Don’t lie them flat as this prevents damaged. You can use newspaper for filling the spaces in the box. Preventing your items from moving during transit.
  4. Have good strong packing tape. Don’t over fill your boxes. The last thing you need is your boxes to fall apart during the move. Having cheap tape will just come off your boxes. This could cause the bottom of your box to come open having everything fall at your feet. Same with over filling your boxes.
  5. Packing Food. Try and use up as much food as you can prior to the move. If you have empty plastic containers place your items in here for example. Your jars and spices. Pack these tight to prevent moving

Have your boxes clearly marked so you know what is in each box

  1. Packing your  Pots and Pans. You can place smaller items in your pots. For example food items that are sealed. Place the lid upside down in the pots or saucepan. This will prevent the lid being damaged and make it easier to pack. Then wrap these in butchers paper and place in the box. Use crunched up paper to fill the gaps and have a layer of paper down before you palace more items in the box.
  2. Cutlery and Utensils. You have a few options with these. If you have this is a tray in your draws. Simply wrap the tray with glad-wrap or plastic wrapping. You can also use a plastic shopping bag. Place this flat in a box. Or if its fully wrapped you can stand this upright in the box. You can also wrap these in a tea towel and place say in the fry pan or slow cooker. Making sure you tie up the ends with either a rubber band or tape. Preventing the items from falling out and scratching your items while in transit.
  3. Cleaning products. Some cleaning items the removal company will not have on their trucks. You will need to check with them what they take and don’t take. Most cleaning items are fine. Making sure all lids are secure. So these is no leakages
  4. Fridge and Freezer. If you still have items in your fridge or freezer to move. Prior to the move fill up and say large soft drink bottles with water and place in the fridge. These will help keep your items cold. You may need to empty the fridge the night before to defrost and get it ready for moving day. Place any frozen items in a esky with the frozen drink bottles or ice. Remember the ice will melt. So you may like to use zip lock bags to help prevent your items being wet in the process. Place any fridge items on top if you can to help keep your items cold. Try not to open the lids to often letting all the cold air out.
  5. Dining Table and Chairs and stools. Fridge and larger kitchen items. Most removal companies use removal blankets for wrapping large Electrical items like your fridge They also use the same thing for your table. We recommend wrapping these first in a product call Pro Wrap or Furniture Wrap. Its like an industrial strength bubble wrap to help prevent damage and scratches to your items. Some are fully plastic where as some has a material backing. Then have the removal company use their removal blankets. With your chair. Use Dining Chair Bags.

Make sure you leave some cold drinks and snacks out for moving day. As you will need this to help give you enough energy to get the job finished.

Having everything ready on prior to moving day is the key to help having successful move. Make sure you take a look at our other moving and packing tips.

All the best with your move. Please contact us if we can assist you with anything else. If you are not sure how many boxes you may need for moving. Take a look at our moving packs this will give you a guide as to how many you may need.

Thank you for reading our blog on Tips Packing Your Kitchen For Moving. If you have any other suggestions please let us know.

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