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Moving from a house to an apartment

 Moving from a house to an apartment. You could be downsizing for a number of reason.

For health reason. To busy to look after a house. Kids have moved out of home and you want a change of scenery.  Change of pace, Save money, or moving closer to work. Here are some tips on Moving from a house to an apartment, unit or townhouse.

This is not as easy as moving from a house to a house. There are things to take into consideration. Here are some tips to help make this process go as smooth as possible

Have a plan set out

Work out if this is a long term or short term. As you know you don’t have as much room in an apartment or townhouse. So you need to work out your storage options as well. What you are taking with you. How long will you need storage for if this is a long term. Would you be better off selling everything and starting again. These are just a few things to consider.

Get as much information about where you are moving to.

Most Apartment, Units and Townhouse complexes have tough guidelines when it comes to moving.

Get as much information as you can from the property manager. Not only for you, also the removal company. Just having them turn up on the day. Could cost you a lot of time and money in the end.

  1. Find out if they have set times for people moving in and out.
  2. Height restriction for the removal trucks
  3. Where can the removal truck park while unloading
  4. Where are the lifts or staircase
  5. Most lifts have blankets to protect the walls.
  6. When can you use the lifts for moving
  7. Can they access the front doors or do they need to go through the garage. Or back enterence
  8. If needing to use the stairs. How many flights of stairs do they need to use

Having all this information will help the move go smoothly on the day.

The removal company can make sure that they are well prepared to move you and your items in a safe and more practical way to prevent damage to themselves. Your items, property and to you in the end .

Make sure your items will fit into your new home and the space you have for them

Check that your bulky items will fit in the lifts, stairs, doorways and rooms you have for them

There is nothing worst then getting your items to your new home, only to find out you can’t get them in the space they need to go it. Make sure your large items like your fridge , TV, lounge, bed and wall unit will fit in each room before you move. You also need to make sure you can get them to the floor you are living on. Best to check with the building manager on the best way to handle bulky items. You may find you need to buy new items to fit into say a unit. Again give the removal company as much information as you can, so they can get the job done as easy and efficiently as possible

Downsizing getting ready to de-clutter and move

You may find this a little hard. Give yourself plenty of time to get this done. If you are not sure about if you want to keep and item or get rid of it. Put it to one side and come back to it later if you have time.

Your items may not fit into your new home. Or you may wish to start again.

This may mean you need to sell your items you have to cover the cost. You can do this by having a Garage Sale. Selling on Gumtree or Facebook Market Place. Even friends or family may buy them.

Work out what you want to do prior to this. If you are buying you may find it easier to sell your property fully furnished rather then moving them all again. Take this into consideration. Weigh up the cost of putting your items into storage if you can’t fit it into your new place. Or didn’t have time to go through it.

Make sure the removal company and you are covered by insurance. The last thing you need is to be chasing up the removal companies insurance. Or be out of pocket due to them not having the right insurance. Make sure you check with them and read the fine print. Click on removal insurance for a contact in the removal insurance industry.

For moving and packing tips make sure you take a look at our blog and moving tips

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