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Brisbane Packing Boxes – Top Tips Packing When Moving

Top Tips Packing When Moving check out our website. From packing a unit to 7 plus bedroom house. Moving with kids and animals to moving overseas.

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Brisbane Packing Boxes Top Tips Packing When Moving 

Here is a video concentrating on packing kitchen items, followed by general packing tips from BoxEmup.


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Here are some Top Tips Packing When Moving

  • BoxEmUp can supply large double cardboard packing boxes for your heavier items.  Remember not to fill the removal boxes totally with heavy items, nor should you put all your books into one big packing box.  Crossover the packing tape on the bottom of the removals box to give it extra support for the move.
  • Place folded up butchers paper and/or newspaper along the bottom and the sides of the removals box. You don’t need to go to the top, to the first layer is fine.  If you do not want to get newspaper ink rubbing off on your goods, we suggest using butchers paper for wrapping; newspaper tends to mark not only your goods but also its tends to get all over your hands as well.
  • Carefully wrap all of your plates, glasses and other fragile items separately. Place your plates sideways and wrap in lots of three to four with 2 sheet of butchers paper between each plate. As they are much stronger and better support for your items on top. Cushion with sheets of butchers paper / tissue paper for each item. Place a folded-up towel on top of the packing box to add further support – someone may place removal boxes on top.

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  • Pack your glasses standing upright in your moving box . Wrap them in butchers paper as this will save washing up later on.
  • Plan what to put in each removals box, heavy items should be at the bottom.  Place paper in gaps where possible, so they are less likely to shift during moving.  Pack as tightly as possible.
  • Packing as much as you can into every box will help protect your items. This will give your items less space to move around. Which means less damage. If you have unusual shaped items. Try and put these in the Moving Boxes as well. Will make packing the car or truck easier with these items in a Packing Boxes
  • Pack each room in separate boxes. Mark these boxes clearly that way you know what is in the box.
  • Portable Robes are great for your clothing. This save you time as you can leave your clothes on their hangers and place straight in the box or the bar. Once you have moved place them in your new wardrobe.
  • Portable Robes. When you are moving a long distance. Especially if your items are going by rail. Its a good idea with the motion of the train or truck that your place a towel or bubble wrap over the top of your clothes and down the side between the clothing where the shoulders are and the Portable Robes. This will save your clothing rubbing against the box and damaging your clothing with the motion of the long trip.
  • Be careful not to make the removals box too heavy to move, as this will only take up time and you could cause a injury to yourself or someone who is moving the packing box.
  • When you are done packing the removals box, put newspaper / butchers paper on top,  then tape the packing box up. Mark each box for the room it is meant to go to, and also the contents.
  • It is a good idea to use bubble wrap to protect your pictures and/or TV and computer screen, saving on scratches; also any other breakable items you may put in the removals box.  Leave a small gap at the top of the packing box for paper or towels, so that items are less likely to be broken.

Packing Boxes For Sale in Brisbane

  • When writing on the Moving Boxes – Packing Boxes . You are better off writing on the packing  tape after you tape the cardboard box up. This will help with the re sale of the boxes. When you go to unpack the Moving Boxes – Packing Boxes . Cut the tape rather then ripping the tape off the cardboard box.
  • If you bed is pulled apart on the day of your move. Remove your bedding and place in one of the empty Moving Boxes-Packing Boxes. You will want clean linen in your new home . So fill your second Packing Box with the clean linen . Or if you are using the Zip Carry Storage Bag. That way when you get to your new home you can put your bed together and sleep in it that night with out any hassles in finding clean linen. You could also pack a towel and your toiletries . As well as your night ware with your clean sheets as well. As after a hard day moving you can have a shower and know where everything is without any problems.
  • You might want to tape the screws and the tool you used for the bed to the bedhead. Or you can pack in the same box as your clean linen etc. That way you have all the things you need for you bed in one box. Mark it clearly. So you will be able to find it when you want to put your bed together.
  • When picking up a packing box, make sure to bend your knees; don’t use your back to pick it up, rather use your legs. This will help save your back from any injury that could happen from incorrectly lifting a removals carton.
  • If you have a large house or moving to a multistory house or another large house . You can use different coloured paper on your Moving Boxes for the different levels or rooms . That way your boxes can be placed in the rooms that they need to go in. You shouldn’t have to go and find them. For a multistory house. Place for each level eg. floor 1 Red , floor 2 Blue, floor 3 yellow. On the coloured paper mark which room the box will go in. That way your removalist or the people helping you unload the truck know where to go with the box they have. Same with the furniture. Clearly have each one marked where they need to go. This will save you time and energy in moving the boxes from room to room when unpacking. You could do the same for a large 1 story house with a lot of rooms. Mark each room a colour and the packing boxes that need to go into that room the same colour.
  • Write a inventory of the things in each box and how many boxes you have. Have a few copies of this just in case one gets lost. Just has to be a short description. That way if you need to find something in a hurry before you have it unpacked you know which packing box it is in.
  • Defrost your fridge the day before.   Put all your cold items in a esky, with ice.  Ensure your fridge/freezer is free of water that could be left around after defrosting. This will save damage to your carpets, or spills on the floor that could cause a slip.
  • Pantry.  Make sure your containers are sealed, to prevent spillage.  Glassware and bottles should be wrapped separately. Some pantry items can go on the top of your large packing box that you used for your kitchen items. Ensure you do not pack the box too heavily, or use a medium packing box.
  • Books. Do not pack too many large/heavy books in the same removals box;  this makes the packing box too heavy to lift safely.
  • Bedroom. Pack sheets, towels, toiletries and clothing for the next day – the ones you are going to use once you are in your new house – to one side. That way you will be able to find them easy.
  • Plants – Ensure there is no excess water that could spill during the move.
  • With all your little items that are in draws . You can either pack these in a shoe box or use zip lock bags. Zip lock bags are great for pens . If they leak you won’t have pen going through on to your already packed items.
  • Make sure Pets are taken care when you move – this is a stressful time for them too.  Ideally, they should travel with you.
  • Also find a sitter for your children. That way they will be in a safe environment and from under your feet. So you can concentrate on the job at hand. Give them a overnight bag so it won’t be packed by accident.
  • Plan out your day.  If you are moving everything in one trip,  you should try to have the packing completed the day before the move.  Make sure you contact Box Em Up early; we have all sorts of packing boxes for sale for your moving supplies Brisbane.
  • When loading the truck with your Moving Boxes. Try and keep all Packing boxes from each room together. Load onto the truck that way. It will make it easier to unload at the other end and put into each room.
  • Check the Brisbane weather guide so you have an idea what the weather will be like for moving day. If it’s going to be hot, have plenty of cold water on hand for you and others helping you.  If it is raining, wear good, closed, shoes so you do not slip and hurt yourself or alternatively break any items you may have in the packing box you are are carrying.
  • Ensure you have a break for lunch when you can, so you have enough energy to complete your move.
  • Make sure you leave any keys and the remote for the garage door behind. Put these in a safe place so they won’t be packed or taken with you by accident

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