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Moving on Settlement Date

Property Settlement, Moving On Settlement Date Tips.

Things can get a little tricky if you are Moving on Settlement Date. As you are waiting on Solicitors and Banks to fill in and send relevant paper work to each other. Some get this done asap and some business and people are not as fast. No matter how prepared you are.

Legal advice should also be sought when buying and selling a property

Try not to have Settlement Date on the day you move. Plan your move the day after Settlement if you can.

When you are buying a property. Get a idea of your settlement date asap. Not only from where you are moving from. Also to where you are moving to. You may have a little extra time. You may not. Have a backup plan if you do get caught out. Should the paper work not be done in time for all parties involved.

When choosing a time to start your move can vary into how much time you have to get out of your current living arrangements. Ask your removal company what they can do should things be delayed.

When you are Buying a Property

When buying a property and moving in. Plan to do this the day after settlement. That way you won’t be caught out should the old owners be caught out and not ready in time. Or if there are delays

When Selling a Property

Have moving day the day before Settlement on your property you sold. This will give you extra time should you need it.

Having Double Property Settlements.

If you happen to be selling an buying another property at the same time. You also have the contracts organised to settle on the same day. This is called double property settlement.

When you have this. Its important to have everything orgainsed well in advance. You can time this right if you try to have settlement into your new home. Before you have settlement out of the property you sold. Will help make this process a lot easier. Having a double property settlement can be tricky. Talk to your solicitor on the legal side of the situation and see what he/she can do for you in making this process as simple for you as they can. Having a couple days grace on both settlements is the key.

You should move out of your home BEFORE settlement and NOT MOVE INTO your new home until AFTER settlement.

Your solicitors should keep you well informed on how things are progressing during the contracts. Removals Companies know things can go wrong with settlement if you are leaving it for the day of your move. Keep them well informed as you can not move into your new property until after settlement. Make sure you have a back up plan should you be caught out on the day. Even if its to put your items in storage over night.


Here are some tips. Use this as a guide on helping your through the settlement process.

1. Make sure everything is in place with your bank when you are buying a property.

2. Contact all parties involved through your real estate agent, Come to an agreement on a time that best suits everyone. Especially when you are relying on other people to sell their property and move.

2. Advise your solicitor of the arrangement when it come to settlement. Check your contract and make sure the dates an time are correct.

3. Book the Removal Company as soon as you can

Settlement Day has arrived.

  • Know when the other people are moving out so you are not caught out should they not be ready out of the property by the time you get there.
  • You are free to move in once settlement day and time has happened and everything has been signed.
  • You may have a little extra time if the people who purchased your property are not moving in till after your settlement day to your new property.
  • If you are all moving on the same day. If this happens Have a plan in place so they can move out in the morning and you can move in later in the afternoon.
  • Should you have any problems call your solicitor and seek legal advice.

Separate Settlement Dates

  • You have a few options should settlement date not be on the same day you need to move if you are selling and buying another property.
  • Depending on how much time you have. If that be short term or long term. You can move your items into storage and move in with family or friends. Or even a Airbnb
  • Look into house sitting if its a month or two. Especially if you are building and your new home is not ready. You can also look at renting and have a short term lease.
  • If you need to put your items in Storage for a period of time. Shop around and get some prices. You may find someone who has a deal going.

If you are in Brisbane and looking for a Storage Company. We recommend stormart

Best tip I can give you is plan a head. Have a back up plan in place an be ready in advance for moving day.

Thank you for reading our post on Moving On Settlement Date. Hope this information has helped you in someway.

If we can assist you with anything else. Contact us either using the contact form. Or email Roxann Coffey at Or simply call 0411676626. Be more then happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Also any packing supplies you may need.

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