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DYI Moving Checklist

If you have a lot of items to pack and find it overwhelming. Make sure you get help to assist you. Don’t  leave it to the day of the move.

Planning ahead of time is the key to have a stress less move. We all know moving is stressful. With this DYI Moving Checklist. This will help you with the process of moving

From having a removal company come in and do the whole thing for you . To doing the move yourself. You still need to plan so things don’t get forgotten or left behind. This also make the moving day run a lot smoothly. Or if something should go wrong like the weather you have a plan B in place. This will also help having everything packed and ready to go when the removal company arrives

Take into consideration the following steps if you are planning to do a whole move yourself or even a part move with a removal coming in to move the lager items. Or even if they are doing the full move for you.

  • Select a moving date and work backwards. Keep in mind, moving during the week like Monday to Wednesday is generally cheaper to hire a truck or book the removal company. If you have this option. There is also less traffic on the roads when its not peak time. This will help with the amount of time you need the truck for.
  • Get at least 3 quotes. Read reviews on the company if you going with a removalist. Give them as much info as you can about the move. Make sure you read the fine print of the contract. Don’t pay the full fee till the job is completed and you are happy with the job they did. Same with when you hire a truck. Take photos of any damaged to the truck prior to leaving the depot

    When Booking a Removal Company Check the Reviews and Read the fine Print. Don’t pay anything till the job is done

  • Book friend and family in to help As the saying goes many hands make light work. Try and get as many of your friends and family to help where they can. Even if its to look after your kids for a few hours. Or help you pack a few things prior to moving day. This will help save time later one
  • De-clutter Get rid of any items you no longer need or use This save you time and money and space at your new home. The less you have to move the better. Especially if you no longer require those items.

Get your Moving and Packing Supplies Early and Start Packing ASAP

  • Having packing supplies well in advance will save you time later on. Get packing as soon as possible. Pack items you won’t need for the next month or two at least. Use good quality packing tape and boxes. This will save your items from being damaged while in transit. Have a checklist of your boxes and items as you pack. Start a spreadsheet on your computer will help keep track.
  • Plan where your furniture will go Make sure your furniture will fit where you want it to go. If you are buying new furniture. Try and get it sent to your new home. Set up a floor plan. You can mark your boxes and rooms to where you want them to go while you are packing.
  • Change of address Chances are you will forget someone. Having your mail redirected with Australia Post will help. Write a list of people you need to change you address with.
  • Switching off and on Utilities Once you have your moving date set. Don’t forget to change your details for your utilities. This does take time and to us it may seem easy. You need to give these companies plenty of notice. Ring them a few days before to make sure they have the correct date and details for you. So you are not left in the dark with no hot water in your new home.

Keep a spare box handy. Place your keys and remote controls. Or anything else the new owners may need for your for your here. This way they won’t get packed by accident.

Pack a day bag with extra clothing and first aid kit or anything else you may need on the day or that night. Plus any important documents you may need.

Planning is the key to having a sucessful and a stress free move. Keep a note pad handy to write things down so you don’t forget. Have a back up plan in place should something happen on the day.

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Hope this DYI Moving Checklist has helped you with your up and coming move. Please see our websites for more tips on helping you save time and money when it comes to moving.

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