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Book and Wine Packing Boxes 406x298x431 mm

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By Packing Boxes For Sale Brisbane | Published December 12, 2011 | Full size is 3072 × 2304 pixels

$ 2.50ea

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CD’s, DVD’s, Videos, Records. Games, Books
Kitchen items, Toys, Tools. Any unbreakable items.
If Packing Bottle of Wine. Wrap them in Bubble Wrap or Butchers Paper and stand up right.

For any unbreakable items. Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Videos, Records, Games
Kitchen items, Toys, Tools.
For Wine Bottles stand up right and wrap in Bubble Wrap or Butchers Paper.
Pack your heavy books in first. Check the weight. If not to heavy place lighter items on top.
Check the weight before sealing the box. So you know its not to heavy for you or anyone else to lift.

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